Corporations plan for the new year with proven cases from their peers

This past December Brandon Hall Group produced 50 HCM assets to help corporations inspire excellence. Case studies made up half of the produced assets as many corporations are interested in what their peers are doing to solve business problems.

Our case study library stems from award winning HCM programs that have shown to influence the business in a measurable way. The studies break down the way they solved the business need and our clients enjoy these case studies for ideas of how they can create similar programs. Our case studies look at specific items like budget, time frame, business needs, as well as transferable learning like, design of the program, delivery, integration, measurable benefit, and even key findings, lessons learned and next steps. This thorough review creates a road map for other organizations to create similar programs.

Case Studies

Other assets produced in December include:

eBooks, Research Briefs, and Tools

Blogs and Podcasts


Responses to Members Questions

There were nine questions asked by our members, each response was written by one of our analyst and they used evidence based responses linking to our past research. A great way to get specific insights regarding your company’s initiatives. Our members can use this service on an unlimited basis.

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