Data-Driven Hiring & Development:
Talogy’s Talent Management Platform

Talogy, formerly known as CED Talent Assessment, is a leading provider of talent management solutions. They offer a comprehensive suite of tools and assessments designed to help organizations make informed hiring decisions, develop their workforce and optimize workplace performance.

Insights from Brandon Hall Group™ Analyst Briefing

Attracting and retaining top talent is a critical differentiator. Traditional hiring methods, however, are riddled with subjectivity and bias, often leading to mismatched skills and costly turnover. Talogy offers a data-driven solution that dismantles these challenges, empowering organizations to make informed hiring decisions and unlock the true potential of their workforce.

Key Highlights of Talogy’s AI-Powered Platform:

  • Science-Based Assessments: Talogy leverages a vast library of psychometric assessments rigorously validated against job performance criteria. This ensures a more objective and reliable evaluation of candidate skills, potential and cultural fit.
  • AI-Powered Matching Engine: Goes beyond simple keyword matching. Talogy’s AI engine analyzes candidate assessment data and compares it to detailed job profiles. This identifies the best-fit candidates based on the specific requirements and competencies needed for success.
  • Seamless Candidate Experience: Talogy offers a user-friendly assessment experience that is mobile-optimized and available in multiple languages. This reduces the candidate burden and ensures a positive experience throughout the hiring process.
  • Actionable Insights & Reporting: Talogy provides comprehensive reports with detailed analytics on candidate performance and team dynamics. This empowers hiring managers and HR teams to make data-driven decisions and optimize their talent acquisition strategies.
  • Improved Hiring Efficiency & Talent Development: By identifying the right talent from the start, Talogy helps organizations reduce time-to-hire, decrease turnover and build high-performing teams. Additionally, the platform offers valuable insights for developing existing employees and aligning their skills with future business needs.

Why Talogy Matters

Talogy is a catalyst for building a future-proof workforce. By leveraging AI-powered assessments, intelligent matching and actionable insights, Talogy empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions at every stage of the talent lifecycle. As the war for talent intensifies, Talogy positions itself as a strategic partner, helping businesses not just hire the right people, but build high-performing teams that drive innovation and propel them toward long-term success.

By providing a data-driven approach to talent management, Talogy helps companies build high-performing teams, improve employee engagement and achieve their strategic business objectives. With their focus on talent science and continuous innovation, Talogy is well-positioned for continued growth in the competitive talent management market.

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Michael Rochelle

Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Michael was the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder at AC Growth. Michael serves in a variety of roles including overseeing research and advisory support for organizations and solution providers. Michael is one of the company’s principal analysts covering learning and development, talent management, leadership development, HR, talent acquisition and DEI. Michael brings nearly 40 years’ experience in executive leadership roles, including human resources, information technologies, sales, marketing, business development, M&A, strategic and financial planning, program management and business operations in a wide variety of organizational settings. Michael is a graduate of the following certification programs: Kirkpatrick Four Levels™ Evaluation, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and Strategy Focused Organization and Office of Strategic Management.

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