Did You Hear About the New Couple In Town?

Headlines torn straight from the tabloids?  Not really!  But the joining of this couple is still juicy gossip that’s definitely worth passing on. Join us for this informative and enlightening webinar on joining your learning and talent management systems on Tuesday, March 13 at 1 pm EST.

Learning and talent management are inseparable, and managing them in two silos means missed opportunities for increased effectiveness. Organizations routinely leverage the efficiencies of technology platforms for their learning and development initiatives, but many of these same organizations continue to use manual processes to manage their talent. As a result, there’s little opportunity for technology to easily align training with organizational performance.

Join Scot Lake of Brandon Hall Group and Marc Blumenthal of Intelladon as they discuss the competitive advantages of integrating learning and talent management using a single technology platform. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Innovative methods for connecting workforce development to workforce performance
  • Strategies for developing a value proposition that emphasizes the benefits of an integrated technology approach
  • How companies have successfully integrated learning and talent management into a single technology platform

What an exciting couple that sure to have everyone buzzing! Register TODAY!

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Lorie Watson



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Lorie Watson