Do You Need a Super Hero When it Comes to Career Management?

With the recent release of the Spider Man movie, comes all the charm, mystery and impact that a Super Hero can bring. For a moment we forget that we are “only” human, we think we can leap tall buildings in a single bound, only to realize that we are only one person . . . doing one job . . . and we are quickly brought “back down to earth”. In today’s workforce, we are faced with so many challenges that having some of the qualities of a “Super Hero” would come in handy.

In the next five years, businesses will experience major demographic changes as far as their workforces are concerned. Just to name a few: Workforces will continue to become more diverse; millennials are projected to represent more than 50 percent of the overall labor force; and the capabilities required to lead in tomorrow’s economy will be different than the capabilities required today.  Just hearing these defining statistics makes us want to duck into the nearest phone booth and change into our Super Hero persona . . . So, in light of these anticipated developments, how does a company successfully engage and prepare such a diverse workforce?

Obviously, we can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound or run faster than the speed of light; however, there is a more realistic solution. Many organizations are turning to Career Management programs to resolve these challenges. The answer may be Career Enhancement over Career Management.

Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research, David Wentworth, Sr. Learning Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, Jeff Gill, Director, Talent Management and Acquisition and Amy Jo Womack, HR Systems Manager for Valerus as they share the latest research in creating Career Enhancing programs that work for mid-market organizations.

Key Topics will include:

  • Career expectations for today and tomorrows workforce
  • Defining Career Management, Career Pathing, and Career Enhancing strategies
  • Practical approaches for integrating development and career supporting programs
  • Key practices in balancing business value to career development offerings
  • Examples of award-winning illustrative practices
  • Valerus Live Case-Study

This webinar, while it may not give you the attributes of a Super Hero, will definitely help you to learn more about developing a career management approach that will lead to Super Success for your organization. Join us on Thursday, July 12 at 1 pm for this Super Webinar: Empowering Employees: Sustainable Career Management Models! Register today!


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