Drive Engagement with Technology Custom-Built for It

Engaging employees and driving a connected, collaborative culture in a digital world cannot be done with an analog mindset. Technology fit for purpose enables success.

Quantum Workplace, a Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Preferred Provider, understands this and builds software designed to enable employee success.

As employers adapt to the new era of hybrid work and struggle to retain talent, it’s critical to understand what employees want and enable connections across increasingly dispersed workforces. However, only 38% of organizations believe they have a strong or excellent understanding of what their employees want or expect from their employment, Brandon Hall Group research shows.

This can’t improve without technology designed to drive a culture of connections and collaboration. This is where Quantum Workplace shines.

For example, Quantum Workplace’s platform empowers employees to give feedback and request feedback, and they can build their own templates to gather horizontal or upward feedback. Quantum Workplace also provides “conversation boosters,” which are ideas to generate conversations based on feedback. This is a great tool to assist employees and managers in building meaningful conversations and relationships that help engagement and build employees’ sense of belonging.

The platform is also focused on helping organizations boost talent retention. It can link turnover data to how employees answer survey questions. Leveraging performance data and employee perception data informs Quantum Workplace’s flight risk report, which enables organizations to respond to problems before turnover occurs.

Employers that are committed to improving their workplace culture must have a diverse set of technology tools built for that purpose. The right technology can make sense of what is happening deep inside your organization so you can understand, take action and grow. 

Our research shows that organizations understand they must do better in building a cohesive workforce. Research respondents told us that:

  • Managers must show they care about their employees. Engagement technology can empower people leaders to be better performance coaches and help them understand who might be ready for new opportunities.
  • Managers must promote teamwork and inclusion. Engagement tools provide managers with data and insights that help them build thriving teams by understanding team strengths and obstacles and moving forward with context and confidence.

Employee and business success are connected, but it’s hard to prove this without the right tools and strategies. Intelligent technology helps you connect those dots so you can understand what engages and retains your top performers and maximize their potential.

Only 44% of organizations offer a technology platform or app to support employee listening and other engagement strategies, according to the research infographic that Quantum Workplace and Brandon Hall Group partnered to create.

If you want an edge in retaining talent and engaging employees, you need technology that makes the job easier.

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