eLearning Brothers Is Now ELB Learning

Changing a brand name is a daunting proposition for any company, let alone one that has more than a decade of brand recognition. Luckily, most people familiar with eLearning Brothers have been referring to them in shorthand as ELB for years. Well, now it is official. eLearning Brothers has rebranded as ELB Learning.

This rebrand comes as ELB Learning completes the latest in a series of numerous acquisitions, including Origin Learning, Rehearsal, and CoreAxis. The growth has been massive and incredibly fast, rapidly changing the scope of what ELB Learning brings to its clients. Considering all these moves, the rebranding makes a lot of sense. Despite being a relatively broad term, having a name that focuses on eLearning alone belies the breadth of ELB Learning’s offerings. To be fair, the “Brothers” piece of the old brand had begun to seem “folksy” in light of ELB Learning’s true scale and capabilities.

ELB Learning is now providing clients with technology and support for any facet of their learning ecosystem. And unlike many acquisition-active companies, they have done a great job of keeping the people who best know each of their solutions in place, ensuring clients are getting the best expertise and experience. ELB Learning has turned itself into a true one-stop shop, offering solutions such as content authoring, gamification and VR tools, off-the-shelf content, and the Rockstar learning platform. They can also build custom content, guide learning strategy, or augment the skills and capacity of their clients’ L&D teams.

Brandon Hall Group’s recent Next Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem study found there are several critical elements buyers are looking for from learning technology and solution providers, including:

• Better data and analytics
• More user friendly for both learners and admins
• Aligned with business needs
• Better user interfaces

ELB Learning’s breadth and depth of offerings help make sure they can deliver on each of these and more, creating the right fit within any organization’s learning environment. Brandon Hall Group is excited to be hosting a webinar with three key players within the ELB learning team: 

  • John Blackmon – CTO of ELB
  • Richard Lowenthal – COO of The Game Agency
  • Geoff Curless, SVP, Sales – Learning solutions for ELB

This webinar will explore some of the findings of Brandon Hall Group’s recent study, Building the Next Generation Learning Technology Ecosystem, as well as strategies for bringing the right technologies together to support newer, more effective learning strategies. 

David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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