Embracing Analytics to Empower Flexible, Productive Work

The way we work has been transformed — perhaps forever — by the coronavirus pandemic. About three-quarters of organizations say more than half of their employees are working remotely now, a five-fold increase from before the pandemic, according to Brandon Hall Group research.

In addition, 42% of organizations say productivity has decreased during COVID-19.

The situation will only become more complex as employers devise return-to-the-workplace strategies as the pandemic subsides (whenever that is). Employees will have more options than ever before. Over 80% of organizations will use flex scheduling to balance the needs of employees’ work and personal lives, our research shows, and the percentage of organizations with at least half their employees working remotely will be at least 2.5 times higher than before the pandemic.

Employers need tools to help them navigate this unprecedented work environment. That’s why Brandon Hall Group is partnering with ActivTrak on a webinar about balancing productivity and flexible work.

Gabriela Mauch, head of ActivTrak’s Productivity Lab, joins me to talk about improving productivity in this new world of work. Productivity is at its best when people are empowered, processes are optimized and technology is maximized. These are the key input categories that drive successful outcomes.

In particular, we’ll discuss the importance of measurement and analytics, how to better leverage them to understand how work is accomplished and how to identify barriers to productivity and the solutions.

Measurement and analytics allow organizations to identify, assess and understand the magnitude of obstacles. Understanding the size and magnitude of obstacles allows leaders to prioritize what needs to be addressed immediately, over time and in the long-term. Then, it’s important to have immediate and ongoing feedback on whether those actions achieve their intended impact and if not, change course.

I hope you’ll join us for this webinar on Thursday, Nov. 12. You’ll learn:

  • Insights from the latest research on workforce trends
  • How to leverage workforce analytics to fuel productivity, identify burnout risk and empower employees
  • Ways organizations are leveraging productivity management tools to get better results without over-burdening, micro-managing or mismanaging employees.

Claude Werder, Senior Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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