Finding the Right Partner to Transform Your Onboarding Training

Onboarding is an employer’s first and best chance to confirm for new hires whether they made the right decision. 

Treating onboarding as a static process rather than an opportunity to make it employees’ first great training and development experience is a prescription for first-year hires to quickly head to the exit.

It’s that simple, which has led to more employers realizing the impact of onboarding training on employer brand, talent retention, engagement and performance. 

More than 60% of organizations plan heavy or moderate investment in improving onboarding in 2023, according to Brandon Hall Group’s annual HCM Outlook study. More employers plan substantial investment in onboarding training — in both time and money — than in upskilling, improving the learner experience, and coaching.

Onboarding also is transitioning to “everboarding,” which involves continuous learning experiences that help incumbent employees transition successfully to new roles.

AllenComm, a Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Bronze Preferred Provider, understands the strategic importance of onboarding training and provides versatile solutions for onboarding programs at each stage of development, from start to finish. 

Finding the right partner for onboarding training is critical because almost half of learning organizations (47%) say they do not have the people and time to support future skills development, including new-hire onboarding, according to Brandon Hall Group’s Transforming Learning for the Future of Work study. 

Another study reveals that when a current employee moves into a new leadership role, 31% of organizations don’t have a transitional leadership training and onboarding program. Of those that do, 55% have programs that last less than five days. That’s not sufficient to provide people with the knowledge, skills and context to be successful. Learning must be sustained and contextual.

Onboarding has become a critical building block for employee training and development. In this new era of work, where change is constant and complexity is on the rise, employers need a learning partner that can provide an engaging, impactful learning experience for new hires and anyone changing roles.

AllenComm has a time-tested methodology that has helped companies in industries as diverse as aviation, medical equipment manufacturing and food and beverage manufacturing. It includes: 

  • Analyzing your current onboarding training and determining how to improve time to competency, retention and engagement
  • Identifying gaps between employee behavior and expected results
  • Developing solutions that will tailor the experience to specific employee roles, company culture and business goals

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