For Eurekos, Users Drive the User Experience

Creating a great learning experience for external audiences is critical and challenging. Internal learners are already aware of the company’s culture, esthetic and brand. Professional training academies and companies that train groups such as customers, resellers and partners must do much more to engage their audiences. This is especially true in environments where the training is paid for.

Brandon Hall Group Preferred Provider Eurekos has a keen understanding of delivering high-quality user experiences — not just for learners, but for anyone that may be using the platform: learners, managers, administrators, etc. They do this by listening closely to what these user groups tell them, directly and in the way they use the platform.

October’s Release 10 from Eurekos features a host of updates derived straight from user input with more than 1,600 improvements from the previous release. Because the improvements are focused on making the platform easier for administrators end-users, the release is appropriately named “Balance.”

There is an entirely new browser interface called “Learn Mode” with streamlined navigation that always displays the course structure. Course designers can also use Learn Mode to preview their content as an end-user. For admins, the in-page navigation can be simplified even further than before.

Another improvement within the browser experience is the way users see their courses. New notifications and filters give them more control over what they see, and the platform can intelligently display filtration and search options, if and when they are needed. For managers, the dashboard has been completely redesigned to pull in statistics that were not previously available. All critical information is readily available at a glance with a wider array of items and data to choose from. The list of improvements is vast, ranging from the barely noticeable to complete redesigns. But what is most significant about this release is not just the improvements but that they were all driven by listening to clients and users. We expect our technology providers to improve their product over time, but it is not often that we can directly influence what those improvements are.

David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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David Wentworth



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David Wentworth