Give Employees Reasons to Stay 

In the last blog based on the Quantum Workplace KnowledgeGraphic created in partnership with Brandon Hall Group, we talked about how to retain top employees. We saw that employees are leaving because of uncompetitive compensation (at 58% of organizations), limited development opportunities (51%), and work/life balance (51%). Employee stress requires a set of metrics that can measure and monitor employee burnout, engagement and satisfaction. 

So, it only stands to reason that if you have considered why employees might leave, you also might ask why your employees want to stay. Start by understanding that talent retention is not a stand-alone item or even a strategy. It’s an outcome that can be profoundly influenced by your efforts to create better employee experiences and engagement.

A good way to start is by uncovering the reasons employees want to work for your company — the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) — and then reinforcing those reasons through action. Key questions to consider include:

  • How do we invest in our employees’ success so they see the value of their employment?
  • How do we help employees deal with uncertainty and volatility?
  • How do we create connections between employees in a digitized world to build a sense of belonging?
  • How do we determine what the workforce wants and needs?

Quantum Workplace’s engagement software helps you become the genius who can see what is happening within your organization, why it is happening and help you improve the support your employees need for employee success.

As an example: in Brandon Hall Group’s recent EVP, 85% percent of companies rated a flexible work schedule as very important or critical to maintaining a strong EVP — even more important than compensation (83%). However, if your employees are leaving because they aren’t able to have flexible work hours, it’s already too late. Quantum Workplace goes beyond just highlighting talent retention data — it provides information that empowers you to improve the outcomes before they happen.  

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