HCMx Radio: Does Your Organization Have a Compelling EVP?

You should be excited to get up everyday and go to work, just like you look forward to your weekend activities and seeing your friends and family. On average people spend more than 75% of their time at work, and in our research we find many individuals to be continuously dissatisfied with their jobs, culture, and work environments, leaving them in constant search of new opportunities. shutterstock_368269613 copy

High-performing individuals want to be part of a culture that values them as much as they value their work and their commitment. HR leaders need to be aware that employees continue to assess their workplace and that companies can be at risk at anytime to lose their key talent if they are not prepared to invest in their Employment Value Proposition (EVP).

In my latest HCMx Radio show, I interviewed Daria Friedman, Brandon Hall Group’s resident expert in the areas of talent acquisition, employer branding and employment value proposition (EVP).

EVP has been around for a while – it is a construct of what employers and employees value in each other, and it’s based on a series of pillars that describe different aspects of an organization’s relationship with its employees.  However, companies continue to struggle with how to make it impactful and effective. Brandon Hall Group’s recent EVP Research shows that only 15% of organizations have a well-defined and communicated EVP. Almost twice as many, 29%, don’t have any defined EVP whatsoever; 21% are in the process of defining EVP, and 35% have defined some elements of EVP, but it is not universally understood or adopted. If EVP is paramount to ensuring that companies can offer the most compelling message to attract and retain the best talent, then it’s time for more companies to prepare and plan to focus on EVP.

In particular, Daria shared the latest findings from our recent EVP research. Daria defines EVP, the importance of conducting research, and developing an EVP strategy and communicating it effectively. She also shares how Brandon Hall Group’s EVP framework helps guide organizations through the process, and offers compelling examples of the impact EVP has had on companies.

Listen to our episode to learn more about the importance of EVP, and simple tactics to address a complex topic, to help you get started or further refine your existing approach.

You can download the show anytime at the HCMx Radio site.

Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group


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