Help Us Understand the New Realities of Mobile Learning

We’ve been doing a lot of research into mobile learning over the past few years, and the big takeaway is that it just hasn’t been happening at the levels one might believe. Although mobile technology itself has been evolving at a breakneck pace, mobile learning has taken a lot longer to come into focus. Less than half of organizations in Brandon Hall Group’s Relationship Centered Learning study are delivering mobile learning in any capacity. For a closer look at mobile’s current role in learning, take a look here.

That said, the tide has definitely turned. Organizations are looking beyond simply accessing their LMS via a smartphone and developing more sophisticated mobile strategies. Learning technology providers are coming out strong with mobile offerings, often leading with mobile in their feature set. The advent of more social learning environments has created even more opportunities for mobile interactions. In this report, we take a look at some of the key first steps in executing a mobile learning strategy.

So what’s next? That is precisely what Brandon Hall Group is investigating in our most recent research study. Earlier on, there wasn’t much practical evidence available on the successes of mobile learning. We have now reached a point where companies have been experimenting with mobile long enough that we are seeing results. Our 2013 Mobile Learning study seeks to explore these strategies and gather real-world data around mobile learning delivery and effectiveness, moving beyond conjecture and speculation to identify real key practices.

Please take part in our survey here and share your organization’s experience with mobile learning – no matter what stage of maturity.  Participants will be the first to see the survey results, and you will be included in a drawing for an Apple iPad mini.

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