Hero on the Frontline

When we think of heros, we generally think of firemen, police officers and the like. But in the world of sales, heros are found in unlikely places . . . on the front line.

Your front line employees interact with your clients building relationships with your products and offering your services each and every day.  Yet, these employees receive less training and limited development opportunities. Working conditions can make training difficult, and operational demands require that training time has immediate bottom line impact. Research shows that small changes on an organization’s front line can have a major impact on business – so the real question is how you leverage training to engage performance and improve business outcomes on the front lines.

Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research for Brandon Hall Group and Joel Copeland, COO for KMI as they share recent research on training and development that engages the front line workforce, and creates an atmosphere of genuine respect.

Event topics include:

  • The business value of developing front line employees
  • Changing front-line workforce: motivation and engagement Factors
  • Key practices in developing engaging content for front-line audiences
  • The importance of creating a performance improvement environment over a training class
  • Illustrative examples  of engaging front line learning initiatives, with real business outcomes

Register for our upcoming webinar: Engaging the Front Line Workforce: Training and Development that Generates Respect on Tuesday, April 10 at 1 pm EST.


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Lorie Watson