HireRoad: A New Name with a Proven Solution

Recently announced is a fresh look and name for Acendre (who recently acquired Vacancy Filler) — they are now HireRoad. HireRoad will continue to focus on software that accelerates recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and training in a humanized manner.

In the last two years, Brandon Hall Group’s research in the talent acquisition space has largely concentrated on creating a hiring and onboarding experience that involves socializing new hires into their new organization’s culture and values. 75% of organizations indicated socializing new hires into the company culture was of critical importance, for both remote and on-site workers.  This focus is largely due to the shift to more remote and hybrid workers.

HireRoad transforms the hiring and onboarding experience with:

  • HR Recruit—a fully automated system that speeds up the hiring process for a better candidate experience, and creates an early alignment between candidate and organizational goals 
  • HR Onboard—an onboarding tool that is heavily focused on collaboration, to create the cultural integration that is so important for new hires
  • HR Learn—An eLearning and eTraining system that takes new hires from the onboarding stage into the career development stage, giving them the tools, they need to succeed and assurance that their new organization is invested in them for the future 

HireRoad may have a new name, but its commitment to success remains the same. HireRoad understands that successful outcomes come through offering a variety of methods for hiring, onboarding, and learning, that address a new hire’s unique needs and desires.

Ultimately, the goal of any talent acquisition technology should be to remove tedious tasks through automation. HireRoad takes it a step further by focusing on what makes each candidate special — their unique backgrounds, experiences, and point of view. By creating a solution that allows for a more humanistic, personalized, and yet still highly efficient solution, HireRoad continues to make the experience of getting a job just as rewarding as the job itself. 

Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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