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Contributed to by Kristan Evans, Director of Marketing, Intelladon

Citrix Online now offers access to unparalleled collaboration and learning tools through GoToTraining®, GoToMeeting® and GoToWebinar® products that allow your team to work with anyone from anywhere. However, if you rely on a learning management system (LMS) to handle career development activities, you need a seamless, simple way to integrate your company’s LMS with Citrix Online products. Intelladon Cloud Connector provides the solution:

  • Eliminates the need to interface directly with the LMS vendor by providing a functional, agnostic platform that is easy to use
  • Configures to your organization’s workflow to deliver a customized solution
  • Enables your team to create, launch and track learning sessions from Citrix Online products within your company’s LMS

Intelladon Cloud Connector is compliant with AICC/SCORM standards, which means Cloud Connector delivers the e-learning interoperability that learning management professionals require in distance learning solutions. Intelladon and Citrix offer a one-stop learning management integration solution.

The Intelladon Cloud Connector offers two levels of integration:

Level One: At this level, you can create, launch and track learning sessions through a link from your LMS or GoToTraining. This level requires no interaction with the LMS vendor and uses AICC/SCORM and GoToTraining APIs only.

Level Two: At this level, you can access support for synchronous live events, a calendar function and session management tools. Level Two integration requires APIs from the LMS vendor.

Determine Your Unique Needs
To provide you with a one-stop solution that accommodates your global training needs, Intelladon and Citrix will work with you to determine:

  • Which level is needed for LMS to integrate with GoToTraining
  • Whether you need to integrate GoToTraining with any other learning tools
  • What types of learning content and techniques you currently use (instructor-led training, e-learning, etc.)
  • What staff resources you have available to convert existing content into virtual classroom materials

Trust Intelladon’s Learning Experts

Learning is a core component of a successful talent management strategy, so it’s important to make sure you partner with a company that understands all facets of the process. As a solution integrator and reseller of end-to-end talent management solutions, Intelladon helps organizations empower and maximize their workforce. Our offerings include talent and learning systems, custom content, competency mapping, content authoring tools and content libraries. Our team of experts also supports clients through managed services, including implementation, integration, rapid content conversion and maintenance. Intelladon’s clients include Hard Rock Café, AAA, True Value, SXC Health Solutions, Piedmont Plastics, and Advantage Sales and Marketing.

Create Your Customized Solution

With Intelladon’s Cloud Connector and Citrix collaboration tools, you can achieve a comprehensive, customizable solution that meets your unique talent management needs. Intelladon experts are ready to help you leverage Citrix and Intelladon technology to deliver integrated learning management solutions.

To learn more, call 813.384.4700 or email Sabrina Dickenson ([email protected]) or Georgia Williams ([email protected]).

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