Is Your Recruitment Process Ready for the Future?

Organizations are facing numerous challenges when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent. The shortage of skilled workers, the need for a seamless candidate experience and the demand for efficiency in hiring processes are just a few of the obstacles that companies must navigate.

When added to complexities around the changing nature of work, the battle over where work gets done and the impact of generational expectations on the workplace, these challenges can quickly feel overwhelming. To overcome them and stay ahead in the competitive talent landscape, organizations need to embrace innovative recruitment technology that is designed to meet the needs of the future.

It is crucial in today’s talent marketplace to have a candidate experience that differentiates your organization. Smart investments in the right kind of technology can bring measurable impact to the business. Organizations are realizing significant efficiency and real savings by streamlining candidate experiences. Many companies are reducing the entire cycle from first contact to start day by as much as 61% (Source: Brandon Hall Group™ research).

One technology provider that is leading the way in talent acquisition is Oleeo. With their award-winning suite of talent acquisition solutions, Oleeo is helping companies discover unlimited sourcing potential and hire amazing, diverse teams that can drive innovation and deliver results. Built using data-driven automation and machine learning, Oleeo’s talent acquisition suite is designed to help recruiters hire faster and more efficiently than ever before.

What sets Oleeo apart from other providers in the market is their longevity and expertise. With over 25 years of experience in developing, implementing and supporting talent acquisition solutions, Oleeo is one of the most experienced vendors in the industry. Their cloud-based talent acquisition systems have been used by more than 400 employers in over 146 countries, processing millions of candidates per year. Oleeo’s extensive experience has led to the development of highly usable “off-the-shelf solutions” that are functionally rich, simple to customize and deliver the best business outcomes.

One of the key benefits of Oleeo’s talent acquisition suite is its data-driven approach. By putting data at the heart of better decisions and stronger outcomes, Oleeo’s products shift recruiting from reactive to proactive. With built-in automation and intelligence, Oleeo frees up talent acquisition teams to focus on winning the best, diverse talent faster. From automating workflows and tasks to capturing and parsing candidate data, Oleeo’s technology streamlines the entire recruitment process, saving time and improving efficiency.

Inclusive recruitment is another area where Oleeo excels. Their built-in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) offering supports organizations in attracting a broad range of candidates and removing unconscious bias throughout the hiring process. By widening talent pools and enabling an inclusive candidate experience, Oleeo helps companies achieve improvements in DEI in recruiting. With Oleeo, organizations can ensure that their recruitment processes are fair, unbiased, and inclusive.

One of the standout features of Oleeo’s talent acquisition suite is its focus on delivering an outstanding candidate experience. From the first interaction to day one, Oleeo ensures that candidates have a highly personalized and engaging experience. With features like mobile self-scheduling, high-volume itineraries and streamlined onboarding, Oleeo makes it easy for candidates to navigate the hiring process and stay engaged. By delivering a positive candidate experience, organizations can attract and retain the best talent and reduce drop-off rates.

Oleeo’s full talent acquisition suite includes several core applications that cover every aspect of the recruitment process. Oleeo Recruit, their multi-award-winning applicant tracking system (ATS), allows recruiters to design and execute hiring experiences that beat expectations. From building flexible workflows to prescriptive recommendations, Oleeo Recruit delivers an experience that candidates, recruiters and hiring managers love.

Oleeo Engage, their candidate relationship management (CRM) system, helps prioritize engagement efforts with candidates and automate recruitment marketing processes. Oleeo Events streamlines recruiting events by automating tasks and keeping recruiters focused on engagement. The company      also offers      Oleeo Insights, which      provides talent acquisition reporting and analytics to give organizations a greater understanding of their recruitment efforts and support data-driven decision-making.

Oleeo is a UK-based provider with a global reach. Roughly 70% of their business is EMEA-centered with 30% US-based, the revenue split is about 50/50 between the two regions. Their market strategy is heavily focused on high-volume staffing environments along with specific industries such as Government and Emergency Services (EMEA), Financial, Retail and RPO.

This provides a strong foundation to build upon, with the potential to broaden their reach and appeal across additional industries. Given they currently serve some of the world’s largest brands, it’s clear they are more than capable of supporting any recruiting challenge put before them.

As organizations look to the future, it is crucial to leverage ATS and talent recruiting technology to attract and retain top talent. Oleeo’s talent acquisition suite provides the tools and capabilities needed to stay ahead in the ever-changing talent landscape. By integrating recruitment technology with existing HR systems, organizations can ensure seamless data flow and process efficiency.

Balancing the use of advanced recruitment technology with maintaining a personalized and human-centric candidate experience is key to success. Oleeo’s suite of solutions offers the perfect balance of automation and personalization, ensuring that organizations can attract and hire the best talent while delivering a positive candidate experience.

Oleeo’s product roadmap reflects their ongoing commitment to enhancing the role of automation, the availability and usability of data and the drive to elevate the candidate experience for now and into the future. The uncanny ability to zero in on the needs of the Millennial and Gen Z sensibilities around job processes also positions them to be a powerful partner into the future.

Oleeo’s platform works the way you want all HCM technology to work. Companies ready for the modernization of their recruitment experience would do well to keep them on the shortlist.

The future of recruitment lies in embracing innovative technology that can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and deliver a positive candidate experience. Oleeo’s talent acquisition offers a comprehensive set of solutions that address the challenges organizations face in attracting and hiring top talent. With their data-driven approach, inclusive recruitment capabilities and focus on delivering an outstanding candidate experience, Oleeo is helping organizations stay ahead in the competitive talent landscape. Is your recruitment process ready for the future? With Oleeo, the answer is a resounding yes.

Learn more about how Oleeo can help your organization by clicking here.

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Matt Pittman

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