Learning! Learning! And More Learning!

Learning! Learning! And More Learning!  This seems to be the common theme for this week’s webinars sponsored by Brandon Hall Group.  With topics related to extending learning, being a good facilitor and engaging and enspiring your audience, there is sure to be a webinar that will interest!

Today’s webinar at 1 pm EST (Hurry! Time is running out!), Extending Learning Audiences: Understanding the Changing Landscape for Learning focuses on the learning audiences that goes beyond the traditional employee – extending to contractors, partners, franchisees, or even directly to customers. If you’ve been thinking about how to expand the learning organization’s value propositions, build brand equity, and generate revenue – a real opportunity is to think about expanding your audience. Join us for today’s webinar. Register: http://www.brandonhall.com/events/webinars/details/99-extended-learning-audiences-understanding-the-changing-landscape-for-learning.html

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 24 at 1 pm EST, we will focus on engaging, involving and inspiring learning in our webinar: Engage, Involve, Inspire – Learning that Works. Join Brandon Hall Group’s VP of Research and Advisory Services Stacey Harris and Redicka Subrammanian, CEO from Interakt as they discuss a distinctive training approach called Engaged Learning and how to use storytelling and creative interaction to optimize the learning experience. Participants in this webinar will learn how to: Involve, inspire, and motivate staff by engaging their senses and touching their emotions; use storytelling to convey new or complex concepts, procedures, or processes; incorporate creative interaction to improve retention and application of lessons learned and transform a training program into a holistic learning experience!. Register: http://www.brandonhall.com/events/webinars/details/103-engage-involve-inspire-learning-that-works.html

And, finally, on Thursday, October 24, at 1 pm EST, we’ll learn about being a good facilitator in our webinar: How do you know if you’re doing a good job?  Are you a good virtual facilitator? According to research from Brandon Hall Group, transitioning in-person, instructor-led training to an online training format is one of the top three priorities for the learning function. However, teaching a class in a virtual environment is not as simple as putting all your PowerPoint slides online. It takes a unique set of professional skills to not only develop an engaging virtual training session, but to deliver it proficiently! Even the best designed course will not succeed if the instructor can not engage its audience. Learn more on this exciting topic by registering: http://www.brandonhall.com/events/webinars/details/101-how-do-you-know-if-youre-doing-a-good-job-are-you-a-good-virtual-facilitator.html

At Brandon Hall, learning never ends! We are always presenting trendy topics that are on point and ready to lead your organization down the path to successful learning! Join us for one or all of these great webinars! Register TODAY!


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Lorie Watson