MeQuilibrium (meQ): Building Workforce Resilience
for Sustainable Performance

Modern organizations face the challenge of maintaining a high-performing workforce amidst increasing stress, burnout, and turnover rates. Traditional employee wellness programs may not address the root causes of these issues, leading to decreased employee engagement and diminished organizational productivity. MeQuilibrium (meQ) emerges as a solution provider in the workforce resilience space, offering a science-based and data-driven approach to building a thriving and resilient workforce.

meQ: Empowering Workforce Resilience at Scale

Based on an analyst briefing with Brandon Hall Group™, meQ positions itself as the leading provider of digital solutions for building employee resilience.


    • Key Offerings: Clinically-validated, AI-powered platform that addresses burnout, stress, purpose, performance, and overall well-being.
    • Value Proposition: Equip employees with the skills and tools to manage stress, improve well-being, and achieve peak performance.
    • Strengths & Differentiators: Data-driven insights, personalized learning journeys and focus on building a culture of resilience.
    • Target Market: Fortune 500 companies and global enterprises seeking to enhance employee well-being and optimize workforce performance.
    • Future Outlook: Continued development of AI features, expansion into new markets and industries and integration with existing HR platforms.

A Holistic Approach to Workforce Resilience

meQ’s platform leverages several key elements to build workforce resilience:

  • Science-Based Foundations: meQ’s approach is rooted in 30 years of research on resilience, ensuring their programs are evidence-based and effective.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Their platform utilizes AI and data analytics to identify individual and team risk factors for burnout, performance issues, and turnover.
  • Personalized Learning Journeys: Based on data insights, meQ provides employees with personalized learning modules and resources tailored to their specific needs.
  • Building a Culture of Resilience: meQ’s platform encourages manager training and leadership development programs to support a culture of well-being within the organization.

By partnering with meQ, organizations can potentially achieve several benefits:

  • Improved Workforce Resilience: Employees equipped with skills to manage stress and maintain well-being can lead to a more resilient workforce.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: A focus on employee well-being can lead to increased employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Reduced Turnover: By addressing the root causes of burnout and dissatisfaction, meQ can help reduce employee turnover rates.
  • Measurable Business Outcomes: Improved workforce resilience can lead to measurable improvements in employee performance, productivity and overall business success.

meQ positions itself as a leader in the workforce resilience space. Their data-driven, personalized approach empowers organizations to build a thriving and resilient workforce, leading to improved employee well-being and sustainable business performance.

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Mike Cooke

Chief Executive Officer of Brandon Hall Group Mike Cooke Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Mike Cooke was the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of AC Growth. Mike held leadership and executive positions for the majority of his career, at which he was responsible for steering sales and marketing teams to drive results and profitability. His background includes more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and operations in the research, consulting, software and technology industries. Mike has extensive experience in sales, marketing and management having worked for several early high-growth emerging businesses and has implemented technology systems to support various critical sales, finance, marketing and client service functions. He is especially skilled in organizing the sales and service strategy to fully support a company’s growth strategy. The concept of growth was an absolute to Mike and a motivator in starting AC Growth, in order to help organizations achieve research driven results. Most recently, Mike was the VP and General Manager of Field Operations at Bersin & Associates, a global analyst and consulting services firm focused on all areas of enterprise learning, talent management and talent acquisition. Tasked with leading the company’s global expansion, Mike led all sales operations worldwide. During Mike’s tenure, the company has grown into a multi-national firm, conducting business in over 45 countries with over 4,500 multi-national organizations. Mike started his career at MicroVideo Learning Systems in 1992, eventually holding a senior management position and leading all corporate sales before founding Dynamic Minds. Mike was CEO and Co-Founder of Dynamic Minds, a custom developer of software programs, working with clients like Goldman Sachs, Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill and Merrill Lynch. Also, Mike worked for Oddcast, a leading provider of customer experience and marketing solutions, where he held a senior management position leading the company into new markets across various industries. Mike also serves on the Advisory Board for Carbon Solutions America, an independent sustainability consulting and carbon management firm that specializes in the design and implementation of greenhouse reduction and sustainability plans as well as managing the generation of carbon and renewal energy and energy efficiency credits. Mike attended University of Phoenix, studying Business Administration and Finance. He has also completed executive training at the Chicago Graduate School of Business in Chicago, IL.

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