Mid-May Update: New Assets Added to Brandon Hall Group Member Center

The Brandon Hall Group Member Center continues its rapid growth, with new assets added daily. These include research summaries and briefs, KnowledgeGraphics, DataNow Snapshots, solution provider profiles, case studies, tech reviews, eBooks and member contributions.

For members, it’s an amazing array of actionable information, highly useful data and valuable research for a variety of purposes — and one of the most useful benefits of Brandon Hall Group Membership. Members can also post questions and interact with the Brandon Hall Group’s analysts, in addition to accessing this growing repository of HCM assets.

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Here’s a link for free access to a recent asset, DataNow® Snapshot: 2018 Talent Acquisition Technology Study

Here’s what new since our last update:

  •  HCMx Radio 81: Teaching Front-Line Personnel: Allison Lagergren on Product Knowledge and Customer Service
  • Wellness KG
  • G-Cube guest blog
  • SilkRoad Blog by Daria
  • Wellness Tool
  • HCMx Radio 80
  • Cliff blog
  • Learning Measurement summary
  • Conduent eBook
  • accessplanit’s Clever Platform Streamlines Admin Tasks and Improves ROI (Tech Review)
  • Hong Kong Police College Trains Detectives with 3D and Virtual Reality (Tech Review
  • Maskott’s Tactileo Platform Inspires Trainers to Share Their Expertise (Tech Review
  • LearnUpon Automates Compliance Training (Tech Review)
  • DataNow® Snapshot: 2018 Talent Acquisition Technology Study
  • Vector Solutions Appeals to the Head and Heart to Support School Safety (Tech Review)
  • NetDimensions Adds Online and Offline Options to its Mobile App (Tech Review)
  • HCM Excellence Series: Micro-Learning
  • Ramco Melds Bots With Haptic Design In Its HCM Platform (Tech Review)
  • Upside Learning’s LMS Centralizes Training and Supports Multi-Portals (Tech Review)
  • LearnUpon’s LMS Makes It Easy to Deliver External Training
  • Capgemini’s Social Platform Breaks Down Internal Silos (Tech Review)
  • Cognizant Digital Factory Automates Creation and Delivery of Content (Tech Review)
  • Blog: Litmos Post-Webinar: Delivering Immediate, Continuous Learning
  • Unleash 2018: Enthusiasm for the Power of HCM Technology (Blog)
  • YourMembership Empowers Clients to Assemble Videos In 15 Minutes or Less (Tech Review)

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