Modern Mentoring: Is it Worth the Investment?

As the new year begins, we focus on change. We look for changes that will make a difference.  A difference not just in the bottom line, but with relationships within the organization.  Today’s technology and innovative thinking have revitalized mentoring and extended its developmental benefits to the entire enterprise. No longer just about one-to-one relationships between senior leaders and potential successors, today’s mentoring is focused on removing the barriers between people and engaging them in rich learning and teaching opportunities.

Join Michael Rochelle, Chief Business Development Officer for the Brandon Hall Group, and Randy Emelo, President and CEO of Triple Creek, as they discuss the strategies that make modern mentoring more valuable than ever.

See how the following companies are using modern mentoring programs:

  • Wells Fargo expanded mentoring to 6,600 employees (increase of 900%) while reducing administrative time and costs by 70%.
  • McDonald’s mentoring program helps identify and nurture future leaders, and builds skills for more competent employees.
  • Agilent’s mentoring program’s emphasis on speed to competence enables them serve customers faster and better than their competitors do by improving time to market and customer focused innovation across the organization.
  • A Major Technology Company experienced significantly higher engagement scores for employees involved in their program compared to those not engaged in mentoring.
  • Northern Trust uses mentoring to build their culture, spur productivity, and ensure that people are more collaborative in their approach to work.

If you are wondering about modern mentoring and wondering if it is worth the investment, join us for an engaging webinar that will help you decide: Modern Mentoring: Harnessing the Collective Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Passions of Today’s Workforce scheduled for Tuesday, January 17 at 1 p.m. EST.

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Lorie Watson