MPS Announces Strategic Investment
in Liberate Learning

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA and PRINCETON, NJ — MPS Interactive Systems, a premium and global B2B learning company, is excited to announce a new partnership with Liberate Learning through a strategic EdTech investment. MPS Interactive Systems has acquired an equity stake in Liberate Learning. The collaboration is set to drive forward Liberate Learning’s mission to provide superior educational technology services and solutions to the APAC market.

Since 2010, Liberate Learning has been at the forefront of award-winning innovative learning technology solutions in Australia and New Zealand. The team’s dedication to fostering quality online education solutions has enabled Liberate Learning to support countless blue-chip, higher education, and State and Commonwealth Government agencies across the nation. As Liberate Learning continues to push the boundaries of learning potential, including through cutting-edge immersive learning technologies, this strategic investment by MPS is a testament to a shared vision for a brighter, more informed future that aims to improve the human condition with learning technology.

Mr. Rodney Beach, Group Managing Director of Liberate Learning, expressed optimism about this partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome MPS as a strategic global partner for Liberate Learning. Their experience and expertise in the global marketplace, along with their rich interactive technological solutions, complement our mission, and we’re eager to leverage this collaboration to enhance our offerings, expand our reach, and continue to loyally serve our Australian clients with distinction. Our award-winning teams, processes and vision will remain intact, with MPS giving us total autonomy to continue to grow our business in the manner that is best for Liberate Learning’s client partners.”

To Liberate Learning’s valued clients, partners, and supporters, this new alliance is more than just an investment. It’s a reaffirmation of Liberate Learning’s promise to deliver the absolute best in learning and development solutions. With the combined strength of MPS and Liberate Learning, the company is looking to a future filled with new opportunities, innovative digital learning solutions, and unparalleled success.

“Please join us in celebrating this significant growth milestone. Together with our clients’ continued support and the enhanced capabilities this partnership brings, we are poised for even greater learning and technology innovations ahead,” concludes Mr. Beach.


What the Partnership Means for the Liberate Team

The investment will help Liberate Learning realize the growth potential they see in newly emerging markets and will safeguard their strong market position in the APAC L&D market.

This development is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and the reputation the Liberate team has built in the workforce learning & development sector.

The decision to partner with MPS stems from Liberate Learning’s vision to broaden their horizons — tap into scaled immersive learning capabilities, including AR, VR, Learning Platforms, Learning Experience Centers, and Brand Museums. The combination will allow Liberate Learning to bring even more value to their clients and users. Liberate Learning will retain the local team with their own local processes and Liberate Learning will continue to have full control of their strategy, production, operations, and general way of working.

Rahul Arora, Chairman and CEO of MPS Limited, reiterated the commitment, stating, “We are extremely impressed with the teams at Liberate Learning, and how Rod and his management team have shaped their business with customers at the center of every decision and overall strategy. Our role in this combination is to support Liberate Learning in the extension of their capability portfolio into Immersive Learning that includes Extended Reality, Learning Platforms, Brand Museums, and Learning Experience Centers.”

Learning Solutions is MPS’ fastest-growing business, and the partnership with Liberate Group furthers the momentum. The APAC market has historically been untapped for MPS, and the partnership with Liberate now changes that, which is also in sync with the general market trends where APAC is outperforming more mature markets.

“MPS is following a thoughtful portfolio approach toward its growth objective of consolidating the marketplace. Liberate Learning will operate as an independent entity in our eLearning portfolio. There will be no changes to the operating model or the way the team conducts their daily business.”

Over the past 13 years, the Liberate Learning team has achieved remarkable success through their combined efforts, expertise, and passion. The teams — from sales & marketing, production to operations — have consistently displayed dedication, resilience, and innovation. This partnership with MPS aims to harness that momentum, giving Liberate Learning access to bleeding-edge platforms, technology, and knowledge that will only elevate their position in the market and help them expand their services and offerings.

The core of what makes Liberate Learning unique remains unchanged, and the team will continue to grow on that basis. Liberate Learning’s values, goals, and, most importantly, their people – each one of them – remain at the heart of what they do. This collaboration is designed to reinforce Liberate Learning’s strengths and broaden areas of new growth, ensuring they continue to lead in the industry and offer unparalleled learning and EdTech solutions for their client partners in the Australian region.

Thanking the team for their unwavering commitment at Liberate, it is time to grow to serve even more client partners, invest in nearby markets and offerings; Rodney Beach, Liberate Learning’s Group Managing Director, confirms that he feels “truly privileged to be on this growth journey with such a talented and dedicated team.”

Looking ahead, Rahul echoed Rod’s sentiments and stated, “I look forward to supporting Rod and his team in their determined journey to scale up Liberate Group into an eLearning powerhouse in the APAC region.”

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