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Each week Brandon Hall Group’s Research Library is loaded with new research and this week is no exception.  We’ve added the following Research for our members:

Case Studies:

  • Physical Security Assessment in a Virtual World  This Bronze Award Winning Case Study describes how the The Defense Security Service, Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE), teamed with Carney Inc. to create a virtual environment to assess student performance in support of its physical security curriculum. The assessment consists of a series of scenarios in which students examine a virtual military installation and determine whether appropriate physical security measures are employed.
  • Select Assessment® for Nursing  This Gold Award Winning Case Study submitted by Select International and partner Ellegro Learning Solutions describes an initiative by Select International to develop the Select Assessment® for Nursing, a tool to find nurses with the right mix of compassion, attention to detail, and ability to multitask. The assessment is used to make hiring decisions and provide developmental insight to current nurses.
  • Boots on the Ground: A Bechtel Community of Practice  Engineering and construction giant Bechtel wanted to reduce the amount of rework and duplication on its projects. With five different business lines and projects all over the world, the company needed a better way for peer-to-peer learning and transmission of best practices and lessons learned. The result, a silver-award winner at the 2012 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in the category of best use of social or collaborative learning, was a self-sustaining community of practice that facilitated peer-to-peer learning between construction, engineering and safety professionals.
  • Enterprise 2.0 at CA Technologies  This Silver Award Winning Case Study examines an initiative by CA Technologies to shift the culture to increase collaboration, break down silos across the organization, begin celebrating progress made toward company goals, and achieve the key company goal of achieving 14,000 Employees Acting as One.
  • EAA’s Collaborative Community for Educators  This case study examines the eLearning Arab Academy’s initiative to establish a social collaborative environment to spread awareness of the effective use of education technologies in Arab countries, especially in the teaching of Arabic and Islamic studies.
  • Social Learning at  Hilton Via the President’s Portal   This case study describes development of the President’s Portal at Hilton Worldwide, which was launched in the Americas region (Canada, USA, Caribbean, and Latin America) to serve as a single source leadership and business development tool for hotel general managers. The idea was to create social and collaborative learning while providing performance support.
  • Microsoft’s Involve: One-stop Shop for Learning   This case study outlines how Microsoft developed MS Involve, a program offering end-to-end virtual learning services, from content guidance and delivery services to innovative hands-on lab and platform capabilities. The initiative created a one-stop shop for training of more than 40,000 field employees and saved $3.3 million in travel costs in one year.
  • MetLife Virtual Induction Program for International Hires    This Bronze Award Winning Case Study describes how MetLife partnered with NIIT to create a virtual induction program that could be accessed in all the countries where eLearning had been implemented. The program focuses on providing new sales agents with an overview of products, offerings and sales best practices in an engaging and interactive virtual environment.
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart: The Store Through the Associate?s Eyes?   This Gold Award Winning Case Study describes how Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM), Canada’s largest retail pharmacy chain, teamed with Tata Interactive Services to give associate owners an interactive ‘discovery’ learning experience — a 3D virtual store — to help them make the transition from their roles as pharmacists to business ownersin charge of entire store operations.
  • Role-Based IT Security Training at OPM  This Silver Award Winning Case Study describes how the federal Office of Personnel Management partnered with Sealund & Associates and Power Train to create role-based IT security training to meet federally mandated training. This project immerses the user in a 3D virtual world with numerous scenarios as the user interacts with avatars/colleagues such as the agency head, assessor, authorizing official and more. Each IT security role is a 3D avatar that assumes the role and personification of the job function.
  • Hudson Bay Co. Leverages HR to Create New Profit Center    This Silver Award Winning Case Study looks at how retailer Hudson Bay Company leveraged its human resources team to create a new revenue stream by offering HR services to small and medium-sized businesses that typically do not have a dedicated HR department.
  • Transforming the Sales Organization at Cox Media   This Gold Award Winning Case Study looks at how Cox Media and Richardson partnered to create a a new business model that restructured Cox’s sales organization to better align its people resources with segmented tiers of clients, based on the potential opportunity.
  • AMD’s Customer Group University   This awards case study examines the transformation of semiconductor manufacturer AMD’s sales training from linear, technically oriented, and severely under-staffed, to the development of its Customer Group University, which effectively centralized, unified, and standardized sales training for both AMD and its channel partners. More than 400 internal AMD sales associates and over 60,000 external partner sales associates now receive consistent product messaging, benchmarks and other guidance that matters to the customer/learner. The initiative won a silver award in the 2012 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards for the category of best program for sales training and performance.
  • AMD: Zero to 100 in Global Sales Enablement  This awards case study details the infrastructure, communications, content and governance development, done in partnership with Kenexa, that allowed semiconductor manufacturer AMD to re-invent its sales training and enablement program through Customer Group University. The effort won a silver award in the 2012 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards for the category of best program for sales training and performance.
  • ‘Xsellr8ing’ Sales Success at Convergys  This awards case study examines Convergys’ Sales Center of Excellence Model (SCOE) and the SCOE Xsellr8 Sales Training Program, a needs-based, customer-centric program designed to accelerate sales to the next level by providing agents with skills to establish, enhance, and leverage a personal connection with each customer to ensure customer loyalty and grow market share. The program won a silver award in the 2012 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards for the category of best program for sales training and performance.
  • Mercedes-Benz Sales Marketing Simulation  This case study provides an overview of a sales leadership training program at Mercedes-Benz that is part of its Global Strategy 2020. A large part of the program is the Mercedes-Benz Marketing Simulation developed by Daimler AG and TATA Interactive Systems. This simulation is a challenging, computer-based business management game realistically modeled after Daimler dealerships.
  • When Advanced Science Meets Robust Learning Programs  This case study describes talent management technology implementation programs of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, whose primary mission is to ensure that the nation’s nuclear weapons remain safe, secure and reliable. The lab also does research in energy, the environment, homeland security, bioscience, fundamental science and applied technology.
  • Best Buy’s TeleTech Social Knowledge Answer Engine   Best Buy had a tough situation. Its customer service associates for private label brands struggled to answer customer calls quickly and accurately, because the company’s systems were out of date and lacked collaboration features. Best Buy needed a tool to leverage the expertise of its team to educate both customer service associates and online customers while simultaneously reducing customer service costs. The answer: TeleTech’s cloud-based learning technology, Social Knowledge Answer Engine. The initiative won a gold award in the 2012 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards for the category of best use of social or collaborative learning.
  • DHL’s Sales Training Journey   This Silver Award Winning Case Study describes how logistics company DHL, in partnership with sales effectiveness consultancy Strategy to Revenue, transformed a fragmented, inefficient international sales training program into a “journey”-themed program in which sales associates, managers and executives learned and worked together to reach the “summit” of increased customer base, increased sales volume, reduction in sales staff turnover, and improved customer loyalty.

Are You Managing Today’s Workforces with Yesterday’s Technology? – Building a Business Case for Upgrading Your HR Technology

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Research Brief: 

The Strategic Potential of Compliance Training   For those organizations that are accountable to outside agencies, compliance is arguably the most important piece of the training puzzle. However, compliance training often does not get the same kind of attention as other programs when it comes to design, development, or delivery. Employees are presented with the plain, rote material delivered in outdated modalities. What if that changed? This research brief looks at the results of Brandon Hall Group’s 2013 Compliance Survey, as well as interviews with compliance professionals and explores the strategic potential of compliance training.

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