Excellence at Work Podcast 260: Making the Most of Personalized Learning with Skills Development and AI

To read the Executive Interview from the podcast with Christoph Küffer, download the pdf here: https://go.brandonhall.com/LearningPool_EI_260

Speaker: Christoph Küffer, Director of Skills, Learning Pool

Christoph Küffer is the Director of Skills at Learning Pool. He has been working in the HR sector for over 20 as a specialist, Head of Human Resources and most recently as an entrepreneur. He was a founding partner and managing director of People-Analytix AG, which was acquired by Learning Pool in 2022. He is the author of the BetterBoss book series and lecturer for digital HR.

Host: Rachel Cooke, COO and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group™

Rachel Cooke is Brandon Hall Group’s Chief Operating Officer and Principal HCM Analyst. She is responsible for business operations, including client and member advisory services, marketing design, annual awards programs, conferences and the company’s project management functions. She also leads Advancing Women in the Workplace and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, research and events. Rachel worked in the HCM research industry for 20+ years and held several key management and executive positions within the Talent and Learning Research and Performance Improvement industries.

Company Bio: Learning Pool

Learning Pool is an end-to-end eLearning provider. We are firm believers that extraordinary achievements emerge when organizations invest in their people. Founded in 2006 by Paul McElvaney in Derry, Northern Ireland, Learning Pool embarked on a mission to revolutionize online learning, starting from the humble setting of a kitchen table. Initially knocking on the doors of local government offices in the UK, McElvaney’s vision took root, and today, Learning Pool stands as a B-Corp Certified company, poised to become the premier provider of workplace learning on a global scale.

A Brandon Hall Group™ Platinum Smartchoice® Preferred Solution Provider, Learning Pool won six Brandon Hall Group™ Excellence Awards® in 2023, including three HCM Excellence Awards and three Excellence in Technology Awards.

Learning Pool is also a Platinum sponsor of the Brandon Hall Group™ 2024 HCM Excellence Conference™, Feb. 13-15 at the Hilton in West Palm Beach, Fla.


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies are seeking new ways to constantly train their employees with the skills and knowledge required. The demand for fast and efficient reskilling has never been more pressing. Personalized learning, powered by skills and artificial intelligence (AI), is emerging as a game-changer that individualizes training, reduces seat time and at the same time, enhances motivation and engagement among employees.

The primary advantage of personalized learning lies in its ability to cater to individual needs. Conventional one-size-fits-all training programs often fall short, leaving employees disengaged and unmotivated due to irrelevant or insufficiently challenging content.

Personalized learning addresses this by aligning training with each individual’s unique interests and any skill gaps, taking into account the proficiency level of the skills to be developed. In turn, this fosters motivation that translates into improved knowledge retention and practical application in the workplace.

Beyond motivation, personalized skill-based learning also addresses the issue of excessive seat times during training sessions. Employees no longer need to endure lengthy sessions covering material that may not be directly relevant to their needs. By focusing on areas requiring improvement, personalized learning can reduce seat time by at least 5%. In a hypothetical scenario involving a 2,000-employee organization investing £1,8001 per employee per year in training, this translates to an annual cost saving of £180,000.

Benefits for a company include:

  • Saves seat time and energy.
  • Increases engagement.
  • Improves knowledge retention.
  • Improves learning results.
  • Faster acquisition of skills.

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