Excellence at Work 202 – How Compliance Training and Certifications Need to Adapt

Guest: David Proegler, Managing Principal, Lattitude CG

Our discussion is a follow-up to the webinar: Certification, Compliance, and Competency: Adaptive Process to Address Remote Learning Challenges

Topics include:

  • How did Covid impact certifications and compliance programs?
  • Are there challenges with some areas more than others?
  • How were these challenges addressed?
  • What role does technology play in providing more accessibility to these programs?
  • What strategies can organizations use to address current and long-term needs?
  • What lessons were learned by adapting to the pandemic?
  • The importance of hands-on learning
  • Learning and the bottom line
  • How technology enhances the in-person experience
  • David’s thoughts on the future of compliance training and certifications
  • Insights from David’s journey
  • And more!

To read the Executive Interview from the podcast with David Proegler, download the pdf here: https://go.brandonhall.com/Latitude_EI_202.

David Proegler is a Managing Principal with Latitude, leading Sales, Client and Partner Relationship development.  David has nearly 25 years as a results-driven leader in business management consulting with extensive experience in the automotive industry building and delivering solutions.  His ability to synthesize business objectives, technology platforms, and custom development into orchestrated solutions is key to helping organizations with a learning solution that optimizes performance across the entire value chain.

Latitude CG, home of LatitudeLearning the partner learning platform, is designed for the unique needs of partner training programs to train the people that Sell, Service and Use your products. Latitude has been providing solutions for companies globally for more than 30 years. More than 3 million geographically dispersed partner networks have a level of organizational complexity that cannot be supported by an HR LMS. LatitudeLearning was designed to support the complexity of partner training and give the visibility partner organizations need to training compliance and potential vulnerabilities when gaps exist. Latitude has been providing solutions for companies globally for more than 30 years. More than 3 million people have successfully used LatitudeLearning.

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