HCMx Radio 101: Female Empowerment and Leveraging the Power of Failure

Guest: Megan FanaleVP of Operations at Abilitie, leads the Client Experience Team overseeing the design and execution of Abilitie’s portfolio of award-winning business simulation programs, Executive Challenge™, Business Challenge™, and Management Challenge™ as well as leading the operations of the company. Megan has extensive experience crafting and facilitating business and leadership development programs for a variety of corporate clients, including GE, Eli Lilly, and Coca-Cola. Her frequent work delivering blended learning experiences to global audiences has solidified her belief that taking risks is a necessary ingredient for effective innovation. Megan is passionate about enhancing women leaders’ comfort with failure to create the space for innovation to better position them to propel their organizations forward. Megan  served as a Lead Facilitator for Abilitie’s simulation offerings around the world, working with Fortune 500 companies and top-tier universities and business schools in the delivery of simulation-based solutions to increase performance and leadership effectiveness. Megan’s facilitation style effectively challenges participants’ current thinking about leadership, cross-functional communication, change management, strategy and execution while cultivating an engaging, high-energy environment.



Topics and questions include:

  • It’s perfectly ok to not be perfect
  • Leveraging the power of spontaneity
  • Failure as an experiment
  • Female empowerment begins early
  • Smart risk-taking
  • The path forward isn’t always clear — but that’s ok!
  • Brainstorming, safe spaces and imperfection
  • How comfort with failure propels innovation
  • Partnering as a counterbalance
  • Creating boundaries and expectations
  • And more!

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We also are going on our 3rd year of hosting our Women in Leadership Summit – WIL19. The event will be held on May 1 & 2 at the Marriott Harbor Beach Club in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We hope to see you at both of our events!

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