HCMx Radio 116: Evolution of Leadership Development

Guest: Heide Abelli Senior Vice President, Content Product Management at Skillsoft

Heide is responsible for driving innovation and growth in the Leadership & Business Skills, Digital Skills and Compliance content portfolios. Heide has extensive experience in the publishing, media and educational technology/training sectors. Prior to joining Skillsoft, Heide spent almost a decade working at Harvard Business Publishing, where she developed award-winning e-learning products in the leadership and business skills content areas. Prior to that, she held several roles at the global media giant, Bertelsmann. Heide is passionate about leveraging technology to improve the practice of management. She has also held leadership roles in product development, innovation and product management Fortune 100 companies. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and is on the faculty of the Management and Organization Department of Boston College’s School of Business. Heide also recently published an article on the evolution of leadership development.


Topics and questions include

  • Helping people and organizations achieve their goals
  • Continuous learning
  • Taking ownership of personal growth
  • How leadership development is changing in the digital economy
  • How organizations can look at the new opportunities and challenges
  • The democratization of leadership development
  • Flattening of hierarchies
  • The need for leaders to be agile, flexible, open-minded and decisive
  • Leveraging content to teach
  • Using technology to support development
  • What makes a great leader?
  • And more!

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