HCMx Radio 122: IGNITE-ing Talent

Guest: Meredith Lubitz, is Senior Vice President of Talent Management at Dow Jones. She leads company-wide talent acquisition, talent development and executive coaching efforts. Her work is focused on building and managing a broad spectrum of global initiatives including: recruiting, talent branding, onboarding, performance management, succession planning, change management, career development, employee engagement, high-potential initiatives, executive coaching, leadership development, top talent and digital transformation programs. She is a certified executive coach and serves on various boards focusing on the future of work and how to drive learning that informs rather than reacts to change.

Topics and questions include:

The origin of the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award-Winning IGNITE program

  • Thinking through the application process
  • Video references
  • Gender-neutral leadership programs
  • Changing the culture
  • Sponsors and advocates
  • Becoming a change catalyst
  • Being motivated for change
  • Bringing humanity into the workplace
  • And more!

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