HCMx Radio 14: Preconceived Myths of Predictive Analytics

Hosts: Rachel Cooke, COO, Brandon Hall Group and Michael Rochelle, CSO & HCM Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group.
Guest: Brian Kelly, President & CEO of Vestrics.
Using analytics to optimize HR processes and critical decisions are not at all simple – it is daunting and can be scary when you are expected to provide your executive team with data to support critical decisions for the quantity of new hires, compensation models, identifying skill gaps and development needs, compliance needs, and so much more.  Technologies are paving the way to help provide guidance, tools and analytics for optimizing the workforce.

Our guest, Brian Kelly, is recognized as an industry expert in the areas of analytics, predictive analytics and workforce planning.  Brian previously served as Vice Chair of the Society of Human Resources Metrics Standards Working Group. He is a frequent speaker at leading industry events. Prior to joining Vestrics, Brian served as Partner and Global Practice Leader for Workforce Analytics & Planning at Mercer.
During this episode, we spoke about how to simplify an extremely complex approach to analytics by breaking it down by three phases based on Vestrics’s Model: 1. Descriptive (What it is – Uncover) 2. Predictive (What can you do – Impact) 3. Prescriptive (What should you do – Optimize)

Recorded September 30, 2015


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