HCMx Radio 145: The New Future of Work

Guest: Apratim Purakayastha

Apratim Purakayastha (AP), Chief Technology Officer

AP is responsible for engineering, product management, cloud operations, and IT across all products in the Skillsoft group of companies. He has extensive experience in supporting rapidly growing technology companies including General Manager and SVP of SaaS at SevOne where he was responsible for its on-demand/SaaS business segment, after holding the position of SVP Engineering. Prior to SevOne, AP held senior technology positions including Group President in ACI Worldwide and Director of Software at IBM. AP has a PhD in Computer Science from Duke University, an MS in Computer Science from Washington State University and a BS in Computer Science from Jadavpur University, India.


Skillsoft is a global leader in corporate learning, delivering beautiful technology and engaging content that drives business impact for modern enterprises. Skillsoft comprises three award-winning systems that support learning, performance and success: Skillsoft learning content, the Percipio intelligent learning experience platform and the SumTotal suite for Talent Development.

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Topics and questions include:

  • Emerging trends to watch, including sustainability and new technology
  • The role of VR
  • Sustainability and productivity
  • What’s ahead for leadership development, talent acquisition and retention
  • The democratization of leadership development
  • Scaling and accelerating leadership
  • Digital leaders
  • Recruiting strategies
  • Power skill
  • Which academic degrees are most import
  • Empathy and long-term relationships
  • Leveraging optimism and humility
  • The continuing importance of diversity and inclusion
  • And more!

If you have questions about our discussion today and would like access to our Women In Leadership Network that provides organizational leaders access to our research library on women in leadership and diversity and inclusion topics. please contact me at [email protected] or visit www.brandonhall.com

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