HCMx Radio 80: Engagement – Best Practices and Business Outcomes

Video Podcast: Russ Wakelin of  HealthcareSource discusses Engagement, Best Practices and Business Outcomes

Guest: Russ Wakelin, VP of Product Management at HealthcareSource.

Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group

Russ Wakelin is VP of Product Management at HealthcareSource. With more than 3,000 healthcare organizations as customers, HealthcareSource is the leading provider of talent-management solutions for the healthcare industry. The HealthcareSource Quality Talent Suite helps healthcare organizations build a more patient-centered workforce by selecting, aligning, continuously developing and retaining highly-engaged people.

Russ shares how HealthcareSource is itself an employer and subject to many of the same challenges as its customers. He explains how their team is motivated and how they contribute ideas for updates and enhancements to their product. He also discusses the role of commonalties between HealthcareSource’s employees and its customers and how that helps them do a better job serving their needs.

Russ speaks about the link between employee engagement and happiness— there isn’t always a straight line between the two! And passionate employees may not always be the happiest ones, but they often serve as bellweathers for change. This passion, Russ says, helps them as they develop their software, because it enables more communication, a vital part of the healthcare profession.

We also discuss the importance of tying HR best practices into business outcomes that affect the patient experience, the bottom line and other important results.


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