Putting Teamwork into your Learning Initiatives

As the football season is looming ahead, there is much to be learned from good teamwork. Figuring out that there is more stregnth in numbers and that some tasks can only be accomplished if every aspect is working together for a common goal, is actually an important component for success.  When it comes to learning, several “team players” come together to create a successful learning environment. Research shows that feedback, career development, and training opportunities rank as top factors for increasing employee engagement; yet most employees say they simply don’t get enough development opportunities.

For some organizations, funding and resourcing issues impede them in providing several “team players” to get their learning initiatives accomplished. Brandon Hall Groups research has found that for many organizations it is actually complex systems and poor processes that can lead to difficult learning situations. Join Dave Wentworth, Senior Learning Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, as he explores both process and technology improvements that can have a real impact on making learning easier and more accessible.

Key takeaways include:

  • The value of developing flexible learning strategies and processes
  • Creating self-sustaining learning environment
  • Key practices in improving the end-user learning experience
  • Unified learning technology, what does that mean on a practical level?
  • Award winning case studies, The Business Impact of unifying learning elements

Join us on Thursday, August 16 at 1 pm EST for our upcoming webinar: The Benefits of a Unified Learning Environment. Register today!

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Lorie Watson