Recipe for Success: Blend Engaging Training with Ability and Motivation and Deliver Delectable Performance

Are you looking for just the right recipe for success in your organization’s training?  Creating a good “dish of training” that will make your employees’ mouth water and long for more of your delectable creation is the goal of every organization. Unfortunately training is much like preparing delicious cuisine.  If it is not prepared with the diner in mind, it is not as delectable.

The best learning experiences consider two critical factors that influence performance needs: motivation and ability.  Creating a learning environment that meets these goals, while engaging today’s diverse learning audiences, can be challenging for any organization, but it is especially challenging for today’s quickly growing small and medium-sized business market. It requires multiple learning approaches and effective delivery.

Join Scot Lake, Senior Learning Analyst for the Brandon Hall Group, as he “cooks up a recipe” on the key practices of designing and delivering effective blended learning programs.  Hear about award winning examples with solid business outcomes that have inspired and engaged their audiences.

Join the conversation. Bring your questions. Be prepared to learn how to cook up an excellent “dish of training” sure to have hungry employees coming back for seconds.

Key take-aways include:

• Insights on the changing workforce demographics, and key practices in engaging their minds and hearts
• Key practices in planning, designing, and sustaining effective blended learning programs
• Integrating blended learning delivery tools to meet both learning and talent goals
• Unique approaches to improving learning and performance, while engaging todays collaborative and social audiences

Register for this week’s webinar: Blended Learning in Mid-Sized Organizations: Delivering Engaging Learning to Today’s Audiences on Tuesday, November 15 at 1 pm Eastern.

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Lorie Watson