Rio SEO Debuts as the Leader in Reporting and Automation Software for SEO

Contributed to by: Rick Clancy Sr., Director, Public Relations, Covario

Spin-out from Covario Offers SEO and Social Media Software Tools for In-house Marketers and Digital Agencies

SAN DIEGO, April 24, 2012 – Covario, Inc., the nation’s leading independent search marketing agency, today unveiled a new business unit aimed at growing the market for its award-winning SEO (search engine optimization) and social media software tools.

The technology team at the San Diego-based search marketing firm is launching Rio SEO™ as a business unit and a brand that will focus on serving the automation needs of in-house SEO managers extending from large to mid-size companies, as well as search marketing practitioners at digital agencies who provide SEO and social media services to their clients.

Rio SEO offers a suite of organic search marketing and social media software tools for content marketing, auditing, reporting, and competitive analysis.  Rio SEO also provides technology applications designed to help brand marketers and retailers that generate huge amounts of content optimize their web pages with minimal IT support, as well as build corresponding mobile sites optimized for devices like smartphones and tablets.

Rio SEO emerges from the start as one of the nation’s largest independent providers of SEO software, with clients who rely on its SEO and social media tools largely on a standalone basis.  Initially, Rio SEO is offering five search marketing and social media software modules.

Among them are four original Covario solutions rebranded as:  Rio SEO Search Analytics™, a patented SEO auditing, reporting and recommendations solution; Rio SEO Website Optimizer™, an SEO content management solution ideally suited for large content providers and ecommerce sites; Rio SEO Mobile Site Builder™, an automation solution that builds and optimizes web pages for mobile devices; and Rio SEO Social Analytics™, a social media ROI tracking and workflow solution.

Performics, a performance marketing agency based in Chicago that is owned by the Publicis Group, is an example of a leading digital agency that has deployed Rio SEO technology on behalf of its search marketing clients for many years.

“The Rio SEO Website Optimizer is a flexible and robust proxy solution, which gives our performance SEO experts the ability to overcome technical website and content issues that some of our enterprise clients can’t solve on their own,” said Eric Papczun, president of Performics U.S.  “We have been using it for over seven years and consider it to be best in class.”

At launch, Rio SEO is also offering the first of several application-specific SEO and social media modules to come.  The initial tool is called Rio SEO Change Tracker™, an application module that will help SEO managers and digital agencies discover, diagnose and address website changes – often emanating inadvertently from other areas of an organization, such as IT,  marketing, ecommerce and website design – which can cause numerous SEO performance problems if not caught quickly and fixed right away.

All of the Rio SEO software offerings are competitively priced based on individual customer requirements and current market conditions. Clients are supported by a dedicated team of professionals based in San Diego and around the world, including software developers, quality experts, account service leads, product managers, operation experts, and support staff.

“As the very first enterprise-class SaaS solution for SEO, launched back in 2007, and as the first SEO tools company to achieve an SEO
, we are proud to launch Rio SEO as an expansion to our commitment to our clients’ SEO and social media automation needs,” said Russ Mann, chief executive of Covario.  “Our aim for Rio SEO is to continue to expand our offerings of application-specific tools for managing earned and owned media programs, which are in use by in-house SEO managers and digital agencies around the world.”

About Rio SEO™

Rio SEO, a new brand spun-out by Covario, Inc., is a dedicated business unit focused on providing best-of-breed technology solutions for earned and owned digital media programs, specifically for SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing.  At launch, Rio SEO is among the largest independent providers of SaaS-based SEO automation solutions with patented technology.  Rio SEO offers application modules for organic search and social media with tools for content marketing, auditing, reporting, and competitive analysis.  Software offerings include:  Rio SEO Search Analytics, Rio SEO Social Analytics, Rio SEO Website Optimizer, Rio SEO Mobile Site Builder, and Rio SEO Change Tracker. Based in San Diego, Rio SEO software clients include brand marketers, ecommerce retailers, and digital agencies.  More information about Rio SEO is available by calling 858.397.1500 or online at

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