Skillsoft Acquires Codecademy and Creates a Global Powerhouse in Technical Skills Development

Skillsoft continues to demonstrate its market leadership in technical skills development by acquiring Codecademy. For years, Skillsoft has been a top provider of learning content focused on a wide variety of critical skills for business, including technical skills around DevOps, Programming, Cloud Technologies, and more. The acquisition of Codecademy by Skillsoft, in addition to Skillsoft’s acquisition of Global Knowledge in June 2021, brings their ability to provide technical skills content to another level. 

Brandon Hall Group research finds that companies, where learning is having a strong positive impact on key business and performance outcomes, are far more likely to provide their learners with opportunities to practice and apply their knowledge. This is where Codecademy excels, and now Skillsoft will be able to use the Codecademy experience to provide their learners with deeper opportunities to practice and apply their knowledge. 

Codecademy is managing learning experiences for millions of disparate customers. As part of Skillsoft’s offerings, Codecademy will assist organizations in making easy work of scaling training for hundreds or even thousands of internal learners. 

Codecademy is a great fit for Skillsoft’s Percipio platform, adding more self-paced and immersive learning experiences to an ecosystem that includes microlearning, gamified learning, coaching, and more. 

As organizations continue to face challenges around retaining the top talent and rapidly upskilling and reskilling talent to close widening gaps, the Codecademy and Skillsoft combination offers a game-changing approach to closing these gaps. Providing learning experiences that are specifically geared to how programmers, developers, and other technical based roles live and work will be a key differentiator in the market for Skillsoft. 

Organizations can’t close their technical skill gaps by talent acquisition alone. It will require a robust strategy for building the right skills among the existing workforce. The acquisition of Codecademy means that Skillsoft clients can quickly, efficiently, and effectively build these skills internally. Leveraging Codecademy from an enterprise standpoint ensures that the right skills are being targeted at the right time. 

The demand for leading-edge technical skills will not slow down. Global disruptions have increased the need for a wider array of available technical skills and competencies. Organizations need to choose the right partner to ensure they maintain the proper level of technical proficiency in their workforce. The Skillsoft and Codecademy combination is a compelling choice for a partner. 

-David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
-Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group 

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David Wentworth