Survival of the “Fittest” – Building an Effective Business Case

How do you simultaneously grow your business, keep costs down, and spur innovation? These are the questions every CEO faces as they try to traverse through today’s turbulent economy. Research shows that leaders are addressing these challenges in various methods from cost cutting to expanding business investments. The right balance of investment and financial risk are crucial to an organization. These challenges are especially difficult for small and medium sized business leaders, where every investment must be weighed carefully and prudent decisions must be made to continue to operate successfully.

While most organizations would agree that investing in processes and tools to manage and grow their corporate talent, very few organizations are successful in carrying out this critical factor and fail to recognize and utilize the talent and skills of their employees effectively.

Join Brandon Hall’s VP of Research, Stacey Harris, as she presents a complimentary webinar entitled Building a Business Case for Performance and Learning on Tuesday, September 20 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern.  In this informative webinar, Ms. Harris will share insights on how to create and deliver a business case that exhibits an impact, no matter the size or market of your organization. In this presentation, Harris will offer guidance and practical examples on creating a business case for investing in a more effective approach to performance management and employee development.

Key take aways include:

• The perspective of the business leaders

• The value of connecting performance management and employee development

• Elements in creating and delivering an effective business case for companies of every size

• Illustrations of business cases that make an impact

Register today for this exciting and informative webinar!

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