The Business of Social Recognition

thank you employee recognitionEmployee recognition has a direct impact on business success. According to Brandon Hall Group’s  Employee Engagement Study, recognition is the top driver of engagement. When an organization acknowledges an employee’s positive behaviors, that individual is more likely to feel motivated, contribute to organizational performance, and remain productive. Although leading organizations are developing strategies around employee recognition, the key to success hinges on the tools and technology in place that help companies say “thank you” to their employees on a consistent basis.

Employee recognition is quickly becoming one of the greatest priorities for talent management technology. In fact, over one-third of organizations plan to increase their investment in recognition over the next year. Many of these organizations are looking at innovative providers that can create an engaged community, build relationships, share success and encourage positive behaviors. These solutions transform the act of recognition from an isolated activity to a critical component of any business strategy.

On April 21, I will be presenting a webinar with Achievers on the impact of employee recognition on business results. During this presentation, we will explore the key drivers for investing in social recognition and how customers that leverage social recognition solutions are able to drive business outcomes. A few of the topics, we plan to discuss include:

Creating a Culture of Recognition. Companies that invest in this technology no longer view recognition as traditional rewards or company “perks” but rather as a strategic business endeavor.

Alignment with Business Results. According to Brandon Hall Group research, companies with a culture of recognition were able to improve business results including engagement, performance, productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction.

Selecting the right partner. Companies must think beyond traditional providers and select innovative social recognition providers that will enable stronger engagement, collaboration and communication.

Measuring the results. Organizations that invest in social recognition are able to measure the impact on productivity, retention, performance and engagement.

Madeline Laurano, VP and Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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