The Evolution of the Learning Experience

The learning experience has evolved dramatically over the last few years. A confluence of new technologies, changing learner needs, and, of course, a global pandemic has driven an accelerated digital transformation of L&D. There is now less in-person classroom training being done and more virtual, digital, and on-demand learning happening. During this transition, organizations have realized the learning experience needs to be more than just digital. It needs to be personal.

Brandon Hall Group recently partnered with Smartchoice® Platinum Preferred Provider Docebo on a webinar exploring the personalization of the learning journey. The session incorporated results from our recent survey, Building Personalized Learning Across the Organization. The data highlighted some of the challenges around personalization at scale, as well as which elements are most critical for getting personalization right.

We have distilled the data into a KnowledgeGraphic that is available for you to download here. In addition to important data points, the KnowledgeGraphic also contains some critical questions companies should be asking themselves, as well as key takeaways. The KnowledgeGraphic also highlights the benefits personalization delivers for both learners and the business. 

The topic is important because personalization is the perfect antidote for the one-size-fits-all learning environment, where people feel little to no connection with learning. This outdated approach has not served organizations well in the past and stands little chance of being effective as the rest of the world races past to a more personalized digital future. The number of daily technology interactions that aren’t personalized gets smaller every day. It makes no sense to keep learning among them simply because there is too much invested in “the way we’ve always done it”.

Learning needs to be at the forefront of digital transformation, ready to deliver experiences that prepare the workforce to make the most of their digital future. And even if the future is not so digital for some industries or organizations, personalization is still a huge part of getting learners engaged, keeping them engaged, and driving performance. 

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