The LMS Remains the Core of the Learning Ecosphere

By David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

The LMS is still the solid foundation upon which an effective learning environment is built. Amid all the focus on the modern learner and the learning experience, it is understandable why many organizations think they need to look for something to replace it to get where they are going. But at the core, the LMS is still needed. It’s critical for success.

Many LXP providers not only say they work better in conjunction with an LMS, but partnerships between LXP and LMS providers are proliferating. As much as we want (and should) transform the way learning is created and made available, companies must ensure they have core learning management functionality covered.

Whether it is confirming that everyone completed the required compliance training or having a platform that manages learners throughout the extended enterprise (customers, franchisees, etc.), the LMS provides the necessary functionality to make the rest of the learning experience possible.

The LMS as a solution has not and is not dying. It is, however, evolving. Integrations with multiple content creation, distribution and delivery platforms is critical; as well as a more engaging and easier-to-use interface for admins and learners. But the core is still there: managing learners, curricula, courses, learning paths and especially the reporting of everything that is going on.

You’re invited to learn more about at the critical role of the LMS in the modern learning ecosystem. Join Brannon Dreher, Vice President of Learning Strategies with Tortal Training and me for a webinar on November 6th at pm Eastern.

David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group


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