Why Global LMS Hot Spots are Important

GrebowWe’ve been working on a report and webinar on Global LMS Hot Spots and recently someone asked me, “Why should anyone care about the location of global LMS Hot Spots? Unless you’re a LMS vendor looking for new markets, a LMS Hot Spot is just someplace on the planet where they are using LMS software. If it’s outside the U.S., who cares?”

And that’s the problem. We really do live in an interconnected global marketplace but we act as if we live in the local farmer’s market. Think for a moment what a country needs to do to get onto the Global LMS Hot Spot list. It must:

  • Jump over 100 years and trillions of dollars of infrastructure America went through.
  • Take advantage of all the innovation, invention and technology the U.S. produced – cellphone, digital, LMS and more.
  • Have a national-level strategic focus on things like big pipe bandwidth, broadband connectivity and universal Wi-Fi.
  • Have a vision – again often at the national level – for education, not only of the K-12 and higher, but for the workforce in the country with whom we are competing for jobs.
  • Leave us in our own digital dust as it rapidly moves up the bandwidth and connectivity ladder and the U.S. falls far behind.

The LMS of the future will be connecting people all over the world. It is not your father’s LMS anymore. The Hot Spots will be joining digital hands, offering digital handshakes, and the question will be to connect or not to connect. Plus the LMS Hot Spots are — like all things digital — inventing, innovating, creating, spearheading, driving, collaborating educational practices and approaches on their own. Nobody is waiting around for America anymore. They are leading the way when it comes to using education to solve problems and grow their nations. The LMS is a marker. If you are using them and get Hot Spot status, you’re one to watch, copy, imitate, and learn from. To paraphrase an old commercial for the United States, “getting back to Number One has become Job Number One.”.

So do you know who is on the Global Hot Spot list? Join Brandon Hall Group’s webinar Sept. 19 at 1 p.m. EDT. The answer will surprise you.

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