4 Reasons to Attend the Globoforce Conference Next Week

work human conference globoforceNext week, I am excited to attend Globforce’s Work Human conference in Orlando, a leading provider of social recognition. This event will give organizations an opportunity to discover how the power of relationships and a culture of recognition will drive business performance.

Employee recognition is quickly becoming one of the greatest priorities for HCM technology. In fact, over one-third of organizations plan to increase their investment in recognition over the next year. Many of these organizations are looking at innovative providers, such as Globoforce, that can create an engaged community, build relationships, share success and encourage positive relationships. If you are interested in recognition and curious about the conference, here are a few reasons to attend:

  1. The Power of Relationships: Our work relationships drive performance, retention and engagement levels. Globoforce’s conference will focus on strategies and solutions that can encourage and strengthen these relationships, including social recognition and years of service programs. More than 60% of companies celebrate an employee’s anniversary with a basic card or simply do nothing. This conference will share best practices and technology that can make these programs more meaningful.
  1. Opportunities to Network: Although most conferences include messages about networking, it seems to be ignored during these events. At Globoforce, these sessions are more interactive. Not to mention, there will be plenty of time to network and build relationships during the entire event.
  1. New Content: Many of today’s conferences use recycled sessions. This conference focuses on critical topics that most conference ignore such as culture and recognition. It will feature all new sessions and content from best practice organizations.
  1. Workshops on Disruptive Ideas: This conference gives organizations an opportunity to learn from experts and also share their own experiences. Tuesday night’s “Big Ideas” cocktail reception will include TED-style talks, and the Bold Talks track features powerful speakers from business and academia speaking on three tracks: The Power of Thanks, Humanity & Leadership, and Curating Culture.

I hope to see you next week!

Madeline Laurano, VP and Principal Analyst,
Talent Acquisition, Brandon Hall Group

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