A Vision, A Plan and the Right Technology

Internal learning and development needs are generally the most common reasons why organizations start shopping for an LMS.  But did you know that your LMS can go from not only meeting your learning and developing needs to becoming a profit center. With a little vision, plan, and the right technology, it’s possible to reach beyond internal learning communities and transform learning platforms into profit centers.

Join Rachel Ashkin, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group and Nancy Rickles, Director of Training, Super Enterprises as they present a case study on how Super Enterprises brought valuable learning content to their extended enterprise to create an often overlooked revenue stream.

Take-aways from this session include:

  • Creating a vision for reaching out to external audiences
  • Key features of the learning technology required to sell content outside the organization
  • Developing the internal support and resources for transforming your learning platform into a profit center
  • Key practices for identifying potential opportunities
  • A summary of the lessons learned from Super Enterprise’s firsthand experience

Join us on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 1 pm EST for our informative webinar: Monetizing your LMS: Turning your LMS into a Profit Center. Register today!

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Lorie Watson

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