An Amazing Connection . . .

It goes without saying that if you are able to successfully train your employees, then you will reap an increase in sales. But with a sales workforce that is constantly on-the-move, adequate and successful training can be a real challenge. Most often the sales force pauses only long enough to record a contract or sales call in the CRM. What if training could be connected to the CRM?  The strategy for connecting sales to training brings endless opportunties for training. Our upcoming webinar will discuss this amazing connection to bring the training straight to the place where sales lives and breathes – the CRM.

Join Scot Lake, Senior Learning Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, on Thursday, March 1 at 1 pm EST as he discusses key practices for improving sales by integrating your LMS with your CRM.

Key take aways for the presentation will include:

  • Tips for setting up access to LMS training in a CRM
  • How to select the right content for sales training
  • The latest research around measuring training’s impact on sales

Register for this informative webinar: Connecting Your LMS to Your CRM: A Better Way to Bring Training to Sales on Thursday, March 1 at 1 pm EST. 

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