Brandon Hall Group Research Published April 18-24

In the past week, Brandon Hall Group published 14 pieces of research – 2 new proprietary research reports, 6 award-winning technology reviews, 1 solution provider profile, 1 webinar, 2 answers to questions from Brandon Hall Group members, and 2 research-based blogs.

In this blog, we will make public some of these reports (click on the links) as a way for non-members to familiarize themselves with our research:


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Here is an overview of research released April 18-24:

New Research Reports

Research Summary: Learning Technology 2016

This report summarizes the top findings of Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Learning Technology Study, completed in April 2016. The technology employed to deliver Learning and Development has grown increasingly varied and complex. The cloud, social tools, mobile technologies, and other advances have created a host of opportunities for new learning experiences – so much so that technology has become the top L&D priority. Exploring new and different technologies — especially social and mobile — surpassed even the learning strategy as the top focus over the next 12 months.

Excellence Series: Leading Practices in Performance Management

Traditional performance management does not deliver value for companies and creates an adversarial relationship between employer and employee, according to Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Performance Management research. This Excellence Series report examines three companies with leading-edge performance management practices that break the paradigm: Sears Holdings, JDA Software, and Baker Hughes. These businesses implement and maintain structures that support and enhance employee performance. From 360-degree continuous feedback, to an increasing link between performance and results, the shift has positive implications for the businesses willing to make the change.


Award-Winning Technology Reviews

These technology reviews – winners of 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards – were released for publication:

Xerox Creates Scalable Teaming Portal with Learning 2020

Xerox has a rich teaming relationship with EY for learning that has existed for many years. Well-positioned technology enablers enhance that relationship and Xerox’s ability to seamlessly work on team projects with EY counterparts. This includes deployment of EY laptops and network access credentials to Xerox employees working primarily on EY projects. In many cases, the culture and technology integration allows Xerox to seamlessly fit in with EY teams and projects for learning. The Learning site was created as a secure and scalable teaming portal for EY and Xerox employees.

Web-based Crisis Simulation Response that Saves Money

The web-based Crisis Response Simulation platform, developed by Engineering & Computer Simulations, solves problems and addresses business needs by decreasing the cost of crisis training while increasing the frequency of training. Rather than perform live tabletop exercises annually, CRS grants organizations the opportunity to train more often, from remote locations, and at a lower cost. One of the product’s breakthrough innovations is the scenario-authoring tool. This allows customers to design CRS training exercises that are completely authentic to their organization.

Case Study-based Experiential Learning Solutions by Knolskape

AktivCase helps companies recruit and assess managers by having them solve rich multimedia case studies online, conducting role-plays and analyzing video solutions. The case studies are solved using core management frameworks, exposing users to how theory applies in the real world. Candidates can solve and submit case studies without having to travel to the interview location – saving time and money for recruiters and the candidates. What’s more, the platform developed by Knolskape has a built-in video recording engine that helps recruiters observe body language and confidence levels among other nuances to assess their candidates for the role.

Integrating Job, Language and Communication Skills at Ascentify

Canada-based Ascentify developed a workforce development platform that consists of training and assessment functionality, as well as language and communication skills. The Ascentify Player’s innovative way of leveraging advanced speech recognition technology and other technology/techniques creates an interactive training platform that improves the learner’s verbal, written, comprehension, and judgment skills.

Collaborative Knowledge Powers the Cisco Career Connection

Cisco Collaborative Knowledge is a knowledge platform that helps organizations solve real-world business challenges with real-time knowledge. At its core, it is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service digital workplace solution. It connects and empowers everyone within an organization by providing the digital tools and technology needed to access experts, learning and knowledge in real-time, anywhere and anytime.

Blue Sky Broadcast’s Path to Recorded Learning Events

Path, by Blue Sky Broadcast, is a cloud-based approach to educational content management that is designed specifically for lecture-based learning applications. Optimized to deliver media content from educational and training events, Path allows you to manage all of your content, such as conference recordings, recorded lectures from live and virtual meetings, as well as traditional e-learning presentations, in an easy-to-use, rapidly deployed, digital library that enhances learning for worldwide audiences.



Is Your Learning Technology Holding You Back?

We all know how quickly business moves, and technology changes even faster. Why then do so many organizations rely on outdated learning technology to support their business? Why do they use multiple LMSs from a variety of vendors across their global organization? David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, and Michelle Sullivan, Marketing Director for NetDimensions, share insights into the challenges companies face with learning technology, and discuss best practices for creating a strategy to upgrade, as well as tips to prepare your organization and mitigate the impact change represents.


Questions from Members

One of the great things about membership to Brandon Hall Group is the ability to ask questions to our team of analysts, who will respond within 24 hours. Here are the questions answered this week:

  • Do you have any information on how coaching needs shift as you go from senior levels down to the front line? Thanks you!
  • What ROI models exist for LMS replacements?

Solution Provider Profiles


This solution provider profile features SmartRecruiters and its Talent Acquisition Platform. It’s a complete recruiting OS that enables organizations to recruit like a high-performing marketing and sales function. The platform gives sourcers, recruiters, hiring managers, HRIT, and executives tools they need to attract the talent they need, collaborate closely to identify, vet and close candidates, and get the metrics ​they need. The profile includes insights from Brandon Hall Group Principal Talent Acquisition Analyst Daria Friedman.


Research-based Blogs

Strategy is About Solving Future Problems

Most companies don’t have HCM strategies. The tendency is to “fight fires” and jump from crisis to crisis. Without planning for the future, companies simply won’t be able to meet oncoming challenges without considerable difficulty. To read Ben Eubanks’ complete blog, please click here.

What’s Trending in Talent Acquisition Technology?

Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Talent Acquisition Technology survey findings will soon be released, and Talent Acquisition Principal Analyst Daria Friedman provides a sneak peek at a few of the highlights. There is both good news and bad news. The good news is that organizations are prioritizing onboarding for 2016. Slightly over half (52%) are prioritizing optimization of the onboarding process, and 45% are looking for an onboarding technology solution. In terms of overall talent acquisition priorities and talent acquisition technology priorities onboarding was the top answer choice. To read the complete blog, please click here.

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