Brandon Hall Group Research Published Jan. 23 – Feb. 5

In the last two weeks, Brandon Hall Group published 10 new resources –  1 new proprietary research resource, 3 award-winning case studies from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, 2 solution provider profiles, 4 blog posts, and 1 answer to a member’s research question.

The week of the 23rd we hosted our HCM Excellence Conference in South Florida. At the conference we released our HCM Forecast for 2017. We would like to make this research public (for non-members) to allow you to familiarize yourself with our research:


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Here is an overview of research released Jan. 23 – Feb. 5:

New Research Reports

HCM Forecast 2017

This research book, HCM Forecast 2017: Research and Perspectives on the Future, is a sample of the data, insights and perspectives for 2017 and beyond. It covers all five of our areas of practice: Learning and Development, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, and Workforce Management. This forecast book includes a message from Brandon Hall Group’s CEO, Mike Cooke.


2016 Excellence Award-Winning Case Studies

Brandon Hall Group announced its 2016 Excellence Award winners. These case studies, featuring the award-winning organizations, were released for publication:

KFC People Promise: Inspiring Belief and Pride

KFC, a division of Yum! Brands, launched its employee value proposition, the KFC People Promise, to engage its KFC family for a massive brand turnaround effort. It activated the People Promise through compelling communications, impactful development experiences, and fun and meaningful recognition. It established goals related to knowledge, belief, and action, knowing that first the KFC family had to learn and believe the People Promise before they could live and lead it.

Cisco’s Innovate Everywhere Challenge Ignites Entrepreneurial Culture In the past few years, the mass digitization of business and society has pressured every organization, including Cisco, to innovate at unprecedented speed.  Alex Goryachev, Cisco’s director of Innovation Strategy and Programs, and a core team of five people, were the catalysts of the Innovate Everywhere Challenge, Cisco’s first innovation engagement company-wide. This program encouraged all 72,000+ employees in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia to “team up, disrupt, and innovate.” The overarching purpose of the Challenge was to help ignite a culture of innovation across the entire company where employees learn to think and act more like entrepreneurs in a startup.

Using Assessments to Create Competencies in Taipei City Government  

The Department of Civil Servant Development (DCSD) in Taipei set out to build a new progressive organizational culture for Taipei City Government personnel. To increase the working capabilities of Taipei city government division chiefs, the DCSD based management training on a carefully developed competency model that includes assessments, core abilities, competencies and behavior profiles. By increasing training for all division chiefs, DCSD strengthened its leadership ability, offered competitiveness, and expanded leading performance.


Solution Provider Profiles


This solution provider profile features ExtensionEngine, a professional services company that helps build and deliver innovative online and blended commercial learning. ExtensionEngine’s team of instructional designers use modern techniques based on cognitive neuroscience and learning theory to find the right mix of pedagogy, technology and content to build custom learning experiences. The profile includes insights from Brandon Hall Group’s principal learning analyst, David Wentworth.


This solution provider profile features PeopleStrategy, which offers an integrated, enterprise Human Capital Management (eHCM) solution that consists of these modules: core HR (which includes onboarding), Payroll, Benefits, Workforce Management, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, and Analytics and Data Visualization. The profile features insights from Daria Friedman, principal talent acquisition analyst, and Cliff Stevenson, principal workforce management analyst for Brandon Hall Group.



The Human Touch on Technology

On January 24, the day of Brandon Hall Group’s Human Capital Management Academy workshop on HCM Measurement and Analytics, Cliff Stevenson ended the seven-hour session with a quick speech on the importance of taking full advantage of skills that are unique to humans (as opposed to machines/software). Empathy, critical thinking, and relationship building may have seemed out of place in a discussion about analytics, but it points to a larger trend toward where organizations see their needs: in the employee experience.

Learning About Learning – Live and In-Person

For all the time David Wentworth spends researching and discussing emerging and cutting edge learning technologies and modalities, he is a champion of the in-person event. He recently returned from Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence Conference 2017 in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. He then followed that up immediately with a few days in San Diego attending Training 2017. He finds all of these experiences carry value.

HCM Excellence Conference 2017: Teeming with Innovation, Networking, and Success

Daria Friedman just returned from Brandon Hall Group’s amazing 2017 HCM Excellence Conference at the PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Gardens, Florida. She says the conference was jam-packed with workshops, panels, networking discussion groups, and leaders from Fortune 500 organizations presenting their award-winning programs. We also had our Excellence Awards Banquet and Ceremony in which more than 130 award-winning organizations were represented.

Learning is Changing (For Real This Time)

You may not have heard, but learning is changing, says Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth. Glibness aside, there really is something different going on. Like most evolutions, it takes time, but we truly are right in the middle of some seismic shifts in the ways corporate learning is thought about and delivered.


Answers to Questions from Members

One of the great features of membership in Brandon Hall Group is the ability to ask questions of our analyst team and get insightful answers within 24 hours. This is among the questions answered last week:

  • What is the trend with training acknowledgements for ethics training in the retail industry?

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Mike Cooke

Chief Executive Officer of Brandon Hall Group Mike Cooke Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Mike Cooke was the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of AC Growth. Mike held leadership and executive positions for the majority of his career, at which he was responsible for steering sales and marketing teams to drive results and profitability. His background includes more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, management, and operations in the research, consulting, software and technology industries. Mike has extensive experience in sales, marketing and management having worked for several early high-growth emerging businesses and has implemented technology systems to support various critical sales, finance, marketing and client service functions. He is especially skilled in organizing the sales and service strategy to fully support a company’s growth strategy. The concept of growth was an absolute to Mike and a motivator in starting AC Growth, in order to help organizations achieve research driven results. Most recently, Mike was the VP and General Manager of Field Operations at Bersin & Associates, a global analyst and consulting services firm focused on all areas of enterprise learning, talent management and talent acquisition. Tasked with leading the company’s global expansion, Mike led all sales operations worldwide. During Mike’s tenure, the company has grown into a multi-national firm, conducting business in over 45 countries with over 4,500 multi-national organizations. Mike started his career at MicroVideo Learning Systems in 1992, eventually holding a senior management position and leading all corporate sales before founding Dynamic Minds. Mike was CEO and Co-Founder of Dynamic Minds, a custom developer of software programs, working with clients like Goldman Sachs, Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill and Merrill Lynch. Also, Mike worked for Oddcast, a leading provider of customer experience and marketing solutions, where he held a senior management position leading the company into new markets across various industries. Mike also serves on the Advisory Board for Carbon Solutions America, an independent sustainability consulting and carbon management firm that specializes in the design and implementation of greenhouse reduction and sustainability plans as well as managing the generation of carbon and renewal energy and energy efficiency credits. Mike attended University of Phoenix, studying Business Administration and Finance. He has also completed executive training at the Chicago Graduate School of Business in Chicago, IL.