Changing to an LMS That Fits Your Organization to a “Tee”

Is your organization in the process of switching your Learning Management System? Are you planning to migrate to a new system in 2012? Migrating to a new system requires planning and consideration of various factors from system comparisons to complex consideration of your corporation’s needs.

An informative and thought provoking webinar has been planned with Rachel Ashkin Cooke, Chief Operating Officer at Brandon Hall Group, Matt Gilley, Co-Founder at Intellum, and Brett Porath, Director Golf Club Fitting, Titleist, presenting information related to this topic.

Our presenters will share with you the key questions to help you identify whether or not a system change is necessary for your organization. If your organization is in the process of migrating to a new platform, we will you guide through the appropriate steps to make the change as effectively and efficiently as possible, and then will share a recent LMS migration experience from Titleist, (mid-size, sporting goods manufacturer and distribution organization).

The presenters will touch on the following topics:

  • Rachel will share an overview of insights from Brandon Hall Group’s recent research on replacing your LMS and trends that include:
    • Differentiators by small, medium and large organizations for replacing their LMSs
    • Challenges to anticipate and avoid
    • Comparison of systems including features, functionality, and ease of use
    • Considerations for evaluating providers and your company’s future needs
  • Matt and Brett will provide best practice tips on selecting a new LMS including:
    • Key questions to ask potential vendors
    • What not to do
    • Opportunities to think about for the future
    • Moving a large organization from an old LMS to a new LMS within a few weeks
    • Overview of key features, functionality and startup costs

So join us on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 1 pm EST for our webinar: If Your Company Has Realized Your Current LMS no Longer Meets Your Needs, How do You Select and Migrate to a New System?

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