Five Selling Competencies That Provide a Strategic Advantage

Did you know that 78% of companies reported revenue growth as a top priority for 2011? Where are these companies focusing to generate more revenue? 

Brandon Hall Group recently completed a research initiative on the most prevalent selling attributes of sales teams and their impact on performance. As expected, the findings of this research singled out a very important group within the organization responsible for the increase of company revenue – the sales team. Those reporting believed that optimizing the efficiency and effectivness of the sales team was key to revenue growth. 

One thing is clear. Amid a competitive market, an organization must possess the ability to engage business decisionmakers who control funding. The ability to effectively engage a prospect and facilitate their engagement in the entire sales process is crucial. Brandon Hall’s comprehensive research initiative sets forth the five competencies which will provide a strategic advantage that will lead to greater opportunities to sell and close business.

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Lorie Watson