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HCM Technology Trends HCMx RadioBrandon Hall Group recently launched our HCM Technology Trends Survey.  In my most recent blog, I told you about my ideas about the real value of participating in a survey.  There are many benefits to the respondent, including:

  • Survey questions make you think
  • Survey writers create questions to get you to think carefully about a process, a product or a solution to your problems
  • The survey can leave you wanting to know more
  • You could get something free like a report or whitepaper to use in your organization

I wanted to take these ideas to HCMx Radio.  In this episode, I talk with my guest and the lead analyst on the HCM Technology Trends survey, Mollie Lombardi. Mollie is the VP and Principal Analyst/Workforce Management at Brandon Hall Group, and we discussed how high-performing organizations are approaching technology, trends she sees in technology this year, as well as her ideas on how HR leaders and practitioners benefit from participating in surveys.

With the pace of changes in HR Technology, some HR professionals can become intimidated about their skills and abilities.  It often seems overwhelming to think about how to learn about HR technology and then to keep abreast of all the new developments.  Mollie and I discuss some techniques of how to handle this. We’ll give you some concrete ways to partner in your organization so that you can move your HR department forward from a data analytics perspective.  We wrap with information on how to obtain a summary of the HCM Technology Trends highlights. You can still participate in the survey by clicking here.

We hope you’ll listen to this newest episode and let us know if you’ve seen benefits from participating in surveys as well!

Trish McFarlane, VP and Principal Analyst,
Human Resources, Brandon Hall Group

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