How ChatGPT Is Being Used for Learning

Learning professionals are curious about ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI and their potential for improving learning, new Brandon Hall Group™ research shows.

The study, How Will ChatGPT Revolutionize HR?, reveals that employers believe ChatGPT will impact learning in many ways:

  • 65% of organizations said they would use it to accelerate training content development.
  • 60% said they would use it to enhance and scale training activities.
  • 51% said they would use it to improve leadership development.

The potential of generative AI to transform learning and development is almost limitless and CommLab India®, a Brandon Hall Group™ Smartchoice® Preferred Provider, is offering a course to help instructional designers effectively leverage ChatGPT.

Based on Brandon Hall Group™ research and interviews, here are a few examples of ChatGPT’s possible impact, some of which are already in play today to some degree:

  • Content Creation. Generative AI can assist in creating learning content, such as simulations, scenarios, and case studies. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, AI algorithms can generate realistic and engaging learning materials, reducing the time and effort required to develop high-quality content.
  • Personalized Learning: Generative AI can create customized learning experiences tailored to each employee’s needs and learning style. By analyzing data on individual performance, preferences and skills, AI algorithms can generate personalized training content, modules and assessments, maximizing the effectiveness of learning programs.
  • Adaptive Learning: AI-powered generative models can adapt and respond to learners in real time, providing immediate feedback, guidance and adaptive learning paths.
  • Collaborative learning: Generative AI can facilitate collaborative learning experiences by connecting employees with similar learning interests, skills or challenges. This promotes peer-to-peer learning, knowledge sharing and collaborative problem-solving.

Luis Fernando Gonzalez is Global Development Manager for Cemex University. Cemex is a global leader in producing and supplying cement and aggregates. Gonzalez said he’s been using ChatGPT on an informal basis since it came out in late-2022. He’s been asking ChatGPT questions about how to present it to employees for use under certain conditions and trying to get ideas to help design learning programs. “ChatGPT is fascinating,” he said, and expects the technology to further come alive.

Gonzalez said he’s been asking Cemex’s technology partners about their plans to incorporate ChatGPT-like processes. “If we could train something like ChatGPT on the content of our courses, we could save a lot of time so we do not have to answer questions manually,” he said.

But Gonzalez also understands some of the concerns the technology raises. He said implementing ChatGPT requires finding the sweet spot between technology and the human touch and being skeptical of its limits — especially when it comes to source material.

Still, Gonzalez recommends experimenting with ChatGPT. “For 2½ years, we have used this super cool app that can generate videos through AI,” he noted. “That has helped us move faster to create content in multiple languages. With the technology, you can choose an avatar and create videos. We are users of that. And we are aware of that and other types of AI-driven platforms that can help produce content.”

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Claude Werder

Claude J. Werder Senior Vice President and Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group Claude Werder runs Brandon Hall Group’s Talent Management, Leadership Development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) practices. His specific areas of focus include how organizations must transform culturally and strategically to meet the needs of the emerging workforce and workplace. Claude develops insights and solutions on employee experience, leadership, coaching, talent development, assessments, culture, DE&I, and other topics to help members and clients make talent development a competitive business advantage now and in the evolving future of work. Before joining Brandon Hall Group in 2012, Claude was an HR consultant and also spent more than 25 years as an executive and people leader for media and news organizations. This included a decade as the producer of the HR Technology Conference and Expo. He helped transform it from a small event to the world’s largest HR technology conference. Claude is a judge for the global Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards and Excellence in Technology Awards, contributes to the company’s HCM certification programs, and produces the firm’s annual HCM Excellence Conference. He is also a certified executive and leadership coach. He lives in Boynton Beach, FL.

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