Relationship Centered Learning Industry Perspective and Other Research Published in Research Library

If you are wondering what the buzz is all about, we’ve got the scoop . . . With the release of our newest publication on Relationship Centered Learning, members are gaining insight on an emerging adaptive learning model, Relationship Centered Learning. Findings report 70% of U.S.-based organizations that are adapting a relationship-centered learning model reported revenue increases and positive movement in all performance indicators. For more information on this newest publication, call 561-865-5017 or if you are not a member, obtain a copy of this report through our membership program by contacting us at [email protected].

This exclusive report can also be purchased at:,24,28,33/relationship-centered-learning.html. For members, check out the Relationship Center Learning publication in our Member Center (Report)

. . . and speaking of the Relationship Centered Learning publication, this week in our Member Center, we’ve also published the following:

Relationship Centered Learning: An Adaptive Learning Model Executive Summary which provides an overview and highlights of Brandon Hall Group’s exclusive research on Relationship Centered Learning. The study is based on surveys of more than 600 organizations plus interviews and analysis of hundreds of entries for the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards. (Executive Summary)
Additional research published this week in the Member Center includes:
Case Studies
  • “Generation Gold” at Kinross. This is a case study of Kinross’ Generation Gold program for the development and retention of highly-qualified mining specialists and management. (Case Study)
  • Grant Thornton LEADS: Leadership Development Program.  This awards case study describes Grant Thornton”s LEADS program earning a gold award in the 2012 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in the leadership development program category. (Case Study)
  • Duke Realty’s Leadership Development Program.  This bronze award winning case study takes a look at Duke Realty’s ongoing succession management process. (Case Study)
  • Booz Allen Hamilton’s Leadership Excellence Program. This awards case study examines Booz Allen Hamilton’s Leadership Excellence Program, which included a specific development curriculum for women in the firm’s leadership roles, which had not been available with previous programs. (Case Study)
  • Competency-Based Interviewing and Certification at Dr. Reddy’s.  This case study looks at the competency-based interviewing and certification program at India-based pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s. The company instituted competency-based interviewing and established a certification program as a way to improve hiring managers’ selection of sales representatives, as many as 27 percent of whom were leaving the company within just months of being hired. (Case Study)
  • Best Western’s I CARE Certification Program. This silver award case study describes Best Western’s I CARE certification program, which was designed to increase the level of customer service within the organization and to increase guest patronage, loyalty, and intent to recommend. (Case Study)
  • Cisco Career Certifications.  This gold award case study takes a look at Cisco’s [email protected] certification program, which offers certifications for employees, partners and customers in a wide variety of specialties. For instance, the program offers five levels of IT certification: Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert and Architect. It also offers eight different paths or tracks, such as Routing and Switching, Network Security and Service Provider. (Case Study)
  • Dell’s PM3 Certification Program.  This case study describes Dell Inc.’s PM3 Certification Program. PM3 stands for Project Management, Program Management and Portfolio Management. (Case Study)
  • IBM’s Project Management Certification Program.  This gold award case study examines IBM’s program to establish worldwide consistency in managing its increasingly complex projects. The company’s project management certification strives to establish a worldwide standard to demonstrate skills and expertise, ensure that consistent certification criteria are applied worldwide when evaluating candidates for each professional milestone, maximize client and marketplace confidence in IBM project managers, and recognize IBM professionals for their skills and experience. (Case Study)
  • Sales-as-Service Culture at Mobiloil Credit Union.  This bronze awards case study describes Mobiloil Federal Credit Union’s effort to build a Sales-as-Service training strategy, in partnership with international performance improvement leader AchieveGlobal, to help a traditionally sales-averse organization feel comfortable with and embrace the act of selling. (Case Study)
  • CA Technologies’ Configuration Price Quote Training. This gold award case study examines CA Technologies’ efforts to train sales employees on how to effectively use the automated Configuration Pricing Quote (CPQ) function of the company’s CRM system, which dramatically reduced the amount of time to produce a price quote for customers.  (Case Study)
  • Improving Business English Online at Unisys.  This bronze awards case study describes how Unisys partnered with GlobalEnglish to develop a scalable, on-demand, cloud-based learning program to help more than 14,000 non-native English-speaking employees in 44 countries improve their ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in English. (Case Study)
  • Sustainability: Walking the Walk at Perkins and Will.  This case study describe efforts of the architectural design firm Perkins and Will to affordably create learning curricula that meets requirements for several professional accreditations, the most of important of which is the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) accreditation that hundreds of P&W professionals need in order for the firm to maintain its ranking as the top sustainable design firm in the world.  (Case Study)
  • New Employee Selection Through Workplace Simulation at Sligro.  This silver awards case study describes how Dutch food retailer Sligro implemented a comprehensive selection, training, and introduction program, using eLearning, that aimed to cut training and administration costs while reducing turnover rates in the first months of employment.  (Case Study)
  • FirstEnergy New Supervisor and Manager Program.  This case study describes FirstEnergy’s New Supervisor and Manager Program. It is specifically designed to help new leaders understand the difference between managing and leading, the necessity of transitioning from an individual contributor to achieving goals through others, the value of self-awareness, the critical importance of listening and communicating, and the delicate balance of delegation, coaching, supporting, and directing.  (Case Study)
  • Symantec Delivers Sales Training with its Own LiveUpdate Technology. This case study examines Symantec’s Enablement Toolkit, which was developed so internal and partner sales teams spent less time searching for relevant training and product information on multiple web sites and more time selling.  (Case Study)
  • “Blue-Collar” Training and Wheeler Machinery Co.  This case study examines the results of a blended learning program for technicians and parts laborers at Wheeler Machinery Co. to improve safety and technical skills for working on heavy machinery. (Case Study)
  • Dynamic Organization University at U.S. Cellular.  This silver awards case study examines U.S. Cellular’s effort to re-energize its Dynamic Organization model, based on leadership effectiveness to drive employee and customer satisfaction and drive business results.   (Case Study)
  • Hilton Garden Inn Satisfaction Promise.  This gold award case study describes Hilton Garden Inn’s Satisfaction Promise, launched to drive guest loyalty, revenue and unit growth. The objective behind it was to ensure every customer who walked through the hotel doors was 100% satisfied with their stay.  (Case Study)
  • British Airways’ Outstanding Leaders Program Redesign.  This awards case study examines British Airways’ effort, in partnership with OR Consulting and LINE Communications, to re-design its Outstanding Leaders program to increase retention of skills and values taught during live workshops. The redesign was centered around a Moodle platform and split out the core skills, tools, and behavioral models into pre-workshop learning, application of those skills during the workshop, and reflection and collaboration as post-workshop activities. The effort earned BA a silver award in the 2012 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in the leadership development category.  (Case Study)
Executive Interview
  • Executive Interview: Ryan Eudy of ej4.  Ryan Eudy, CEO of performance improvement company ej4, talks about the evolving learning content market and addresses critical issues for in the industry.  (Exec. Interview)
  • Learning Governance Charter Template.  This is a template for building a Learning Governance Charter for an organization’s Learning Governance Committees. It provides examples of language as well as key points to consider when developing a Learning Governance Charter.  (Tool)
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