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This week, we’ve posted several new Case Studies, an Industry Perspectives Paper, materials from two recent webinars and two briefings . . . so if you’re looking for some fresh insight, we’ve got the research at your fingertips in our Member Center. Check them out today!

Industry Perspectives Report:

Planning & Evaluating Business Needs for an Enterprise LMS: This 58-page report provides strategic guidance and prudent advice for organizations planning large LMS implementations, from developing a business case, to producing a project management plan, to working with stakeholders, and more! (Report)



  • Meridian:  The Changing Landscape of Federal HCM Solutions (Presentation) (Recording)
  • Pearson Education:  The 21st Century Mindset: Unlock Critical Thinking to Unleash Organizational Performance ( Presentation) (Recording)


  • Talent Management Solution Provider Briefing with Hire Vue (Briefing)
  • LMS Solution Provider Briefing with Michaels & Associates (Briefing)

Case Study:

  • Learning Nuggets: Learn How,? Learn Now! 2011 Gold Winner with Credit Suisse implementation of “Learning Nuggets,” a program specifically designed to fit to the needs of an audience that requires small ‘nuggets’ of knowledge in an easily accessible and digestible format (Case Study)
  • Luxottica – Quality Manufacturing Program (QMP). This awards case study describes the course Tata Interactive Systems developed for Luxottica to give interactive practice on lens-making and other processes to novice employees. (Case Study)
  • Walmart Food Safety.  This bronze award winning case study describes Walmart’s initiative to increase food safety standards and increase the percentage of employees passing the FDA food safety exam by converting from an 11-hour generic, off-the-shelf eLearning food safety course to seven, 45-minute, high-end eLearning modules that better fit the WalMart culture. (Case Study)
  • Pepsi: Driving Performance for a Diverse, Global Workforce. This Gold Winning awards case study examines PepsiCo’s Performance Management Process, a uniform global system designed to deliver what the company calls “Performance with Purpose.” (Case Study)
  • Baker Hughes Best Custom Content Program for BEACON. This awards case study examines how Baker Hughes and Infosys collaborated on an eLearning module to educate Baker’s global workforce on BEACON, a remote enterprise operations platform that was being under-utilized. (Case Study)
  • GenClash: Sales & Service for Four Generations. This awards case study summarizes a course by Allen Interactions, for BridgeWorks, to help sales and customer service reps engage and connect with customers of every generation through interactive and sometimes whimsical role play. (Case Study)


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